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Protecting Republican Interests While Attacking Nancy Pelosi

Reported by Janie - August 29, 2006 -

"Time" Magazine, known for its moderate reporting, has written an excellent piece in the September 4th issue discussing Minority House Leader Nancy Pelosi. The article, which was presented in a very middle-of-the-road, fair tone, briefly discussed her rise to power and some of the tactics she employs in her prominent position. Overall, the article was an impartial source of information on Pelosi, but those getting a summation of said article from Brit Hume on "Special Report" last night (8/28) only received the negative information on Pelosi, while anything unfavorable to the Republicans was completely dismissed and ignored.

During the "Two Minutes of Hate" (AKA "Grapevine") segment, Hume dedicted one 30-second piece to the article, under a banner reading "Don't Mess With Nancy".

Nancy Pelosi likes to be seen as a kindly old grandmother, but the House Democratic leader is really an "aggressive, hyperpartisan liberal" whose "hard-knuckle" style rivals that of former Republican Leader Tom DeLay.

Comment: Here we see the first partial quote, one of Hume's favorite tactics:

"The 66-year-old San Francisco lawmaker is an aggressive, hyperpartisan liberal pol who is the Democrats' version of Tom DeLay, minus the ethical and legal problems of the former Republican House leader."

Hume continued, "That according to a new TIME magazine profile in which Pelosi says: "Anybody who's ever dealt with me knows not to mess with me." Pelosi chewed out Florida's Robert Wexler for releasing a Social Security measure last year after privately telling colleagues the party would never issue its own plan."

Comment: Why would Pelosi not want the Democrats to issue their own plan? Again, in order to protect Republican interests, Hume only provides part of the story to make Pelosi look bad.

"So the Democrats would thunderously attack Bush and argue there was no Social Security crisis and therefore no need for them to put out their own proposal."

Hume also leaves out what exactly Wexler's plan was, because Pelosi's response to Wexler would have been approved of by Republicans. According to the article, Wexler "publicly suggested raising Social Security taxes as the solution."

Hume finished, And she demands unanimous opposition to all GOP legislation, even barring party members from working on bills or holding press conferences with Republicans the party is working to defeat in November.

Comment: Maybe because that's the strategic plan Pelosi is implementing?

"Throughout the past year, Pelosi has demanded that Democrats unanimously oppose G.O.P. bills. By denying the G.O.P votes from across the aisle, Democrats have forced moderate Republicans to back bills like those cutting Medicaid and other social programs that fiscally conservative Republicans have insisted on, votes for which Democrats have then attacked moderate Republicans in television ads. Pelosi has also ordered Democrats not to work on bills or even hold press conferences with Republicans whom the party is trying to defeat in November."

Hume presents this as though Republicans are the last group to use such tactics, when in fact it comes directly from Karl Rove's playbook.

This 30 second story presented Pelosi as a monster, and Hume only used the portions of the article that fit the story he wanted to tell. All things that could have slightly made the GOP look bad were intentionally left out, and Hume was able to change the entire tone of the article to suit his own version.