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John Kasich over the top with faux shock at Ramsey/Karr outcome

Reported by Chrish - August 29, 2006 -

John Kasich was subbing for Bill O'Reilly on The Factor tonight 8/28/06 and, like a bad actor, reached for superlatives to express his shock and outrage at the dismissal of charges against John Mark Karr this afternoon. Since great skepticism has been voiced about Karr's involvement with JonBenet Ramsey's murder, it was not clear why the melodramatics.

Sprinkling phrases like "a shocking development" and "a twist that has rocked the justice system in Colorado to its core", he "announced" (although it's been ubiquitous on TV all day) that the DNA didn't match and charges will not be filed, which were "huge" and "even bigger", respectively. "Un-be-lievable."

Joined by Carol McKinley, he said "I'm - we're all in shock." She reported that residents are angry, after having seen him sipping champagne on his flight back to the States, to discover that he is not a child murderer but merely "a two-bit sex offender." Kasich was still stuttering with indignation, asking "Carol (grunt, grunt) how could this have happened?! This is - I, I - I can't figure any other way than just incompetence. How is it possible?"

McKinley said the DA (unnamed) came out with a "CYA" motion (that's a legal term at FOX) that says all they had were rambling e-mails and, after his arrest in Thailand, a statement saying he had accidentally killed her. Once the DNA results came back negative, added to his family's alibi, the case was over.

Kasich asked McKinley "When is she going to come out and speak?" (his emphasis.) (She is finally identified by a chyron, Mary Lacy.) "She" will hold a "media panel" tomorrow to answer questions not covered in the motion. Kasich is aghast to hear that Karr refused to give a DNA sample twice, and when he was ready to co-operate, investigators didn't have their kit handy. Kasich was again over-the-top shocked and outraged.

The segment rather fizzled out as someone (Ellen? Alan?) was apparently speaking in McKinley's earpiece at the same time Kasich was asking another question, so her answer was kind of off topic. The final gist was that Kasich thought Lacy should have had more evidence before taking action on Karr, and McKinley said Mary Lacy will be seen by some as someone who at least moved on the case.

What was notable, as mentioned, was Kasich's ridiculous over-reaction to the news. Is he practicing his "launch intensity", or was he coached to keep the outrage level up for O'Reilly's fans who need their daily excitement?

The following segment explored "what next" for Karr. At the bottom of the hour (18 minutes later) Patti Ann Brown announced the whole story all over again, introducing Carol McKinley, who rehashed the whole freaking thing, with the addition of CO Governor Bill Owen's complaint about the expense and his demand that "Lacy must be held accountable." because Republicans are,as we know, all about accountability and fiscal responsibility.

Ironically?, "America's News Room" managed to fill yet another hour on the "24/7" NEWS channel without mentioning the war in Iraq. Five more Americans lost their lives there Sunday, bringing the total reported US deaths to 2,629.