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Jack Kemp Endorses Joe Lieberman, Lies About Ned Lamont

Reported by Melanie - August 29, 2006 -

Fox News gave Jack Kemp a segment of his own to campaign for Joe Lieberman today (August 29, 2006) on its "business news" program, Your World w/Cavuto. During Cavuto's intro, Fox placed a graphic over his shoulder that read, "Grand Old Party for Joe."

A few tidbits:

Kemp said he called Lieberman and said he would "come up and speak for you or against you, whichever would do the most good," and Lieberman said, "Jack, I'd love to have you campaign with me or for me." So Kemp's "going up there in a few weeks to campaign for Joe Lieberman."

As for whether Kemp supports Lieberman over the Republican nominee:

I don't know the Republican nominee. I'm sure he's a fine man and I apologize to him up front...

As for the Democratic leadership, and in particular John Kerry's and Bill and Hill's support for Ned Lamont:

[F]or them to come out for Ned Lamont, who wants to pull out [of Iraq] tomorrow, which would leave a gaping hole in our Mideast policy, it would redound to the benefit of Iran...I just think it's hypocritical, sad, and pathetic.

Comment: For the record, Lamont does not want to "pull out tomorrow." Here's his position on that. (The Republicans I see on Fox don't seem to be able to make any arguments about anything anymore without lying.) Anyway, don't forget that graphic -- GRAND OLD PARTY FOR JOE!