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Time To Whine About The Emmy Awards On O'Reilly Factor

Reported by Deborah - August 28, 2006 -

Bill O'Reilly wasn't around tonight to do his obligatory bashing of last night's Emmy Awards Show but the segment was all set up for his sub, John Kasich who found a lot of whine material. After claims that it was insensitive for Conan O'Brien to do a comedy skit about a plane crash after the tragedy in Kentucky, Kasich revealed that all the ridicule of FOX News during the show was the real source of annoyance. 8/28/06

Conan O'Brien did this very funny opening act where he couldn't find his way to the show and found himself thrust into the various nominated shows. He emerged from the ocean on a deserted beach for Survivor; fell through the ceiling into The Office; hid in a closet on South Park and for Lost , he was in a crashing plane.Kasich thought the plane bit should have been removed but Jeanne Wolf thought he was being ridiculous.

Kasich was also offended by Conan's introduction of John Stewart and Stephen Colbert claiming that they do for fake news what FOX News does for fake news. Although Kasich didn't mention it, Colbert was hilarious and, as always, ridiculing FNC with his character. Here is the clip from Crooks and Liars.

Wolf scolded Kasich for being too sensitive claiming that NBC was getting a lot of flack too. Kasich was in a whiny mood and wanted to know why conservatives are always picked on.

Gee whiz John, have you ever honestly watched FOX News for a few hours? Do you even realize why FOX News is the butt of so many jokes and John Stewart and Stephen Colbert are funny? I have a feeling you' ve cut yourself off from popular culture so completely, you 're beyond understanding contemporary society.