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"Journalist" Neil Cavuto Lets a "Military Analyst" Lie to His Audience

Reported by Melanie - August 28, 2006 -

Fox "Military Analyst" Bob Scales appeared on Your World w/Cavuto today (August 28, 2006) to discuss whether or not the Iraqi military is ready to "go it alone against insurgents" (almost). At the end of the segment Neil Cavuto said that Scales has "accurately predicted" some of the "twists and turns" we've seen in Iraq and he wondered when Scales thought the Iraqi military would "stand up" so we could begin to "stand down" as "President Bush has advanced time and again."

Without a wimper of objection from Cavuto, Scales said:

Well, you may recall several months ago Neil, I said that it would probably be, we'd probably start to see the pulling back, if you will, of American forces in the summer and fall of 2006. That's happening.

Emphasis added.

Comment: This administration and its supporters lied us into "Operation Iraqi Freedom." More than three years later, with the help of Fox News and propagandists like Scales who masquerade as "military analysts," the lies keep on coming. Here's the truth: July 26, 2006: Bush to Add troups in Baghdad Citing "Terrible" Sectarian Strife. August 22, 2006: Marine Corps to start involuntary troop recalls.