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'Dayside' Omits Conversion of Centanni and Wiig

Reported by Judy - August 28, 2006 -

Fox News' "Dayside" on Monday (August 28, 2006) aired a celebratory story on the release of Fox News' journalist Steven Centanni and his camerman, Olaf Wiig, after 13 days of being held captive in Gaza. The story omitted what could be distressing news to some Fox News viewers about how the men gained their release.

Reporting from Jerusalem, David Lee Miller reported that Centanni's first words on seeing his colleagues was that, "I didn't think I would see any of you again." The report also featured comments from Wigg's father and Centanni's brother expressing relief and happiness that their ordeal was over.

Miller, however, failed to mention that Centanni and Wiig had to make a video at gunpoint saying they converted to Islam. Perhaps that is what Miller meant when he said people could expect "to be hearing a great deal more of what was a very difficult ordeal, what precisely they had to endure.”

As Marie Therese has already pointed out in her post, right-wing Fox News viewers may not appreciate the men's "conversion" and some right-wing bloggers were complaining about it.