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Video of Centanni & Wiig "Conversion"

Reported by Marie Therese - August 27, 2006 -

Hotair.com, Michelle Malkin's answer to the liberal internet, has posted a video of the entire Centanni-Wiig "Conversion" video on YouTube. Malkin's site also has photos of Centanni and Wiig with big smiles on their faces in conversation with and shaking the hand of Ismail Haniyeh, current Prime Minister of the Palestinian National Authority. This will NOT go down well in the right-wing world, as evidenced by the virulence of some of the comments posted at Hotair. One person compares this "conversion" to that other quagmire, Vietnam, when POWs read prepared statements denouncing the United States. And we all know how the righties feel about "traitorous" Vietnam POWs! Also there is some consternation about the fact that the high and mightly FOX News "negotiated with terrorists"!

Some samples:

Michelle Malkin (in the main post): "Update: He’s been through hell, so of course he gets a pass. But I don’t mind telling you that these photos of Centanni gazing adoringly at Haniyeh are making me ill."

From the comments posted:

"There is no compulsion in religion, but my AK-47 is chock full of it! Allahu akbar! "


"I certainly hope that the U.S. Govt. takes appropriate measures to isolate and cut off all external funding to the Hamas thugs who call themselves the Palestinian government. Those murderers need to learn that bad acts have bad consequences.

As for Centanni, he should be immediately fired from Fox News. I base my view not on the video here, but what he has said since his release, under no duress whatsoever. Let him seek employment with the Islamo-Nazi loving BBC or Al Gaziera."


"They have a problem now.

Those who are thinking that the two can simply go back to the way things were before do not understand Islam.

A renounce will be considered a chance to issue the Fatwah on them dontcha know.

But then again, as a confirmed Christian, I would likely have to end up beheaded in the same situation. Christ said, “Do not deny me.”

Does anybody remember that Italian who told the islamofascists, “Let me show you how an Italian dies!”

The members of our modern Culture of Death are extremely afraid of death when it comes to their own hides.

A deal with the devil is a deal with the devil.

It appears that the secularists and humanists can only talk the talk, don’t expect them to walk the walk."