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Ongoing Fear Factor in the Heartland

Reported by Chrish - August 27, 2006 -

Kasich’s introduction to his show yesterday 8/27/06 certainly set the tone – “Pat Buchanan has a dire warning for America, You won’t believe what he says could happen to our great country.” Kasich’s “straight talk, straight from the Heartland” which brings a “no nonsense, Midwestern sensibility” to today’s issues then went on to describe a series of threats to America: “nuclear threats, hurricanes, and a report of a Bin Laden spy in the US.”

Obviously, according to Kasich, immigrants are our greatest threat because Pat Buchanan was the lead off interview. No longer obsessed with the homosexual “threat,” Pat has moved on to the “threat” that immigrants pose to this (what Buchanan considers) Aryan nation. His new book, “State of Emergency,” which was cited by Kasich, was certainly the theme of Kasich’s interview – and the rest of the show.

Kasich introduced Buchanan by saying that “Pat is not afraid to speak his mind” and is now “getting a lot of attention.” (Comment: much of it negative.) Kasich went on to describe the book as “outstanding” and recommended that everybody read it. He then asked Buchanan “what America will look like” as a result of unprotected borders, to which Pat responded that in 2050, Americans of European descent (who in the 60’s represented over 90% of the population) will be in the minority with a concentration of Hispanics in the Southwest. Buchanan then described how this will cause a “Balkanization” of America with the “ethnicity and race tearing the nation apart.” He stated that the US “has imported millions of people who were never assimilated, just like the Soviet Union.” (Comment: the Soviet Union expanded into the ethnic areas that are now independent republics. Have we conquered Mexico and Central America?)

Kasich asked, “what if we give them amnesty?” (“Amnesty” is the word used to send nativist shudders throughout the Aryan Heartland). He stated that Bush says it isn’t amnesty but that’s what the Senate bill calls for. (Comment: the Senate bill calls for a path to citizenship with a number of requirements; but that is omitted in any right wing discussion).

To Kasich’s question of what the senate bill mean, Buchanan said, “without a fence it is over.” (Comment: one of the provisions of the Senate bill calls for a 370 mile triple layer fence – Kasich should have mentioned that.) Buchanan then stated what is really the main objection of the republican “base” that opposes immigration – “militant Hispanics will become swing voters. The republicans have lost them and have already lost California.” Buchanan then expounded on gangs and the crime rate among immigrants. He also stated that immigrants have the highest crime rate. (Comment: which is debunked in a study done by scholars from the University of California).

Kasich then asked a “leading question” about how to respond to criticisms of those calling for stricter border controls as being racists. Of course, Buchanan brought up the nativist canard about Hispanics being anti-white and anti western, particularly in groups like MEChA. (Comment: Ralph de Unamuno has an article, The Facts Behind the Myths: Fox News, the GOP, and MEChA, where he states that “The historic mission of M.E.Ch.A. involves an educational plan of action that builds an educational ladder for the advancement of our people.” – MEChA Philosophy Papers)

Kasich concluded the interview by stating, “if you jump the fence you cross the line and we’re not going to make you a citizen.” (Comment: but we’re willing to employ you for less than minimum wage, in unhealthy work environments, with no health benefits while we make a profit off your labor. Even Buchanan is calling for employer sanctions; but that is lost with in all the nativist rhetoric)

Comment: Once again, Kasich does the Fox fandango by presenting a right wing viewpoint with no counterpoint and with total agreement. The notion that immigrants do not assimilate is ludicrous, as proven by the many immigrant groups who have entered this country, since its inception, and are now fully assimilated. Certainly the democratic Hispanic voters, that the GOP is threatened by, are quite assimilated. How about the GOP’s beloved Cuban American community in Florida? Kasich also distorted the Senate’s immigration bill; but propaganda is more effective when it is simple and appeals to basic bias. One interesting aspect of last night’s program was the appearance of Jeanine Pirro as a “legal” commentator. As noted by comments on NewsHounds Ellen’s piece, Fox does seem to love political has beens and losers. The words on the Statue of Liberty (something ignored by the anti-immigrant, white supremacist crowd like Pat Buchanan) would apply to Fox, using as commentators, the “wretched refuse” of republican politics!