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Hannity's War Room

Reported by Deborah - August 25, 2006 -

The neverending war chatter continued last night on Hannity & Colmes with both Bill Cowan and David Hunt on hand to keep the threats fresh in the viewers minds. Last night North Korea was back in the picture after word from Japan that there was activity around the nuclear test site. All of Hannity's solutions involved bombs while his guests,who had actually experienced war, urged restraint.

Hannity first asked Cowan and Hunt how they thought Steve Centanni and Olaf Wiig looked in the video that had been released. Of course it's not surprising that Cowan and Hunt each said something slighty strange and inappropriate. Cowan commented that they were probably kidnapped by someone who couldn't read the word Press on their van. Hunt speculated that it was good to see no machetee adding that he would have liked to see a dated newsaper in the shot for " proof of life".

Hannity asked the war guys what they thought about the nuclear threat from North Korea adding that Iran was also hinting that they have the bomb. He informed viewers that the U.S. had offered to sell Japan some patriot missles for defense against the North Korean tests. However Hannity seemed to think he had a better solution suggesting we arm Japan with missles that can reach North Korea. On a roll, he suggested that if Hezbollah hits Israel, Iran should be bombed.

Kirsten Powers , in for Colmes, asked Cowan and Hunt if they were promoting war with Iran. Both were definitely against military force and agreed that not enough pressure had been applied. Cowan claimed that the 6 or 7 resistance groups, feared by the Mullahs, should be strongly pressured. Hunt advocated "hard talk" claiming that China needs to be dealt with using economic threats like holding back on the olympics.

Sadly, Hannity didn't get any support for his bombs. However, he did get the last word when immediately after the segment a shot of a tank filled the screen with Vote On Terror in bold letters underneath. Bullies are rarely subtle.