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Fox's "Business News" Show Silent on the Biggest Business News of the Day

Reported by Melanie - August 25, 2006 -

The headline news in the business world in the last 24-hours has been that of the myriad problems facing the Ford Motor Company -- from the appointment of Citigroup to advise on the sale of its assets, to the resignation of board member Robert Rubin, to the possible sale of its Jaguar and Land Rover "arms." It sounds like Ford, a company that is as American as apple pie, is in big, big trouble. It would be a hugely significant milestone in the history of American manufacturing if it went under.

One of the core messages of Fox's "business news team" is that the United States of America stands above all other countries in all ways. Our generosity, compassion, ingenuity, creativity, efficiency and the desirability of our products cause consumers around the world to hold our goods in the highest esteem, sometimes merely because they are from the United States, a country everyone on the planet reveres (except "those who wanna kill us," of course).

It's no surprise then that during today's (August 25, 2006) Fox News "business news" program, Your World w/Cavuto, Neil Cavuto didn't report these new Ford troubles. The fact that the Ford Motor Company is having such profound difficulties and appears poised to go under doesn't fit the imaginary picture Fox paints of the greatness of all things having to do with the U.S. of A.