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After A Few Tough Questions, Ann Coulter Cuts And Runs From Hannity & Colmes - With Video

Reported by Ellen - August 25, 2006 -

Ann Coulter, who specializes in vitriol toward others, was so flustered by a few tough questions about the Bush administration's war on terror that she quit the interview.

Kirsten Powers, substituting for Alan Colmes on last night's (8/24/06) H&C, pressed Coulter over remarks she made during the first of a two-part discussion on the effect of the war in Iraq in the upcoming elections. During that segment, Coulter let forth a stream of her trademark invective: “(Democrats) consider it unfair to talk about national security… What part of the war on terrorism do they support?... (Terrorists) would be much happier with the policies of the Democrats.” That part of the discussion is available on FOX News’ website.

After the break, Powers confronted Coulter on those accusations, starting with questions about why the Bush Administration hasn’t caught Osama bin Laden. Coulter was obviously flummoxed and gave the ridiculous answer that the war in Afghanistan is going so swimmingly that bin Laden has become irrelevant. From Coulter’s point of view, it went downhill from there. Powers, whom I have criticized in the past for her ineptitude as a pundit, was in top form last night and refused to let Coulter off the hook. Powers continued pressing her case and Coulter soon crumbled. The woman who loves to dish it out, couldn’t take the heat. It’s worth noting that Powers never resorted to anything like the sort of diatribe Coulter doesn’t leave home without. It's not like Powers asked Coulter about the voter fraud investigation, potentially a third degree felony, pending against her in the State of Florida or the allegations of plagiarism against her or the incident where she appeared high as a kite on Hannity & Colmes last fall. Nevertheless, Coulter couldn’t finish the interview.

Also worth noting are the lies told by Sean Hannity when he claimed that the Patriot Act was “killed by the Democrats.” As Hannity almost certainly knows, the Patriot Act was not killed at all but temporarily blocked last winter by a bi-partisan group of senators because the Bush Administration refused to make modifications more protective of civil liberties. One of the Republican senators involved in the opposition, Senator John Sununu of New Hampshire, appeared on Hannity & Colmes to discuss his position. So there’s no way Hannity did not know that it was a bi-partisan effort. Hannity also misrepresented Democrats’ position as blanket opposition to NSA wiretapping and data mining when he almost certainly knows just as well that the opposition is doing it WITHOUT A WARRANT.

Here’s the part of the interview FOX News didn’t want to post.

UPDATED: Video can be seen at Crooks and Liars.

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