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Hemmer Becomes One Of The Fox Guys

Reported by Donna - August 24, 2006 -

Today on Fox News Live with Bill Hemmer he spoke about the war in Iraq and the president's rising poll numbers (on the Fox poll) with former Senator, Art Torres (Cal-D) and former Bush '88 General Counsel, Jan Barran.

Twice Hemmer interrupted the Democrat and came at him with Republican talking points. Of course he let the Republican representative speak unabated.

Torres said we shouldn't have gone to war with Iraq to begin with and we should be spending more money on Homeland Security, our ports for example. Hemmer interrupted him and said that Torres had a lot of hindsight in that answer.

He then went to Barran who spoke about Bush's approval numbers and how he was protecting us in this war on terror.

Then it was Torres' turn when he started to say that the president had a failed foreign policy and added that he also failed at Katrina and healthcare.

Hemmer interrupted him again and asked him if he was of the camp that we should just walk away. Torres said that he was of the same mindset as John McCain, that the war hadn't been conducted right.

Of course Hemmer let Barran finish up with his talk of how Torres wasn't the of the same mindset as John McCain and how horrible Saddam Hussein was and how he had killed a million of his own people.

Comments: Not once did the Republican representative get interrupted let alone asked rude questions by the host which included Republican talking points like "walk away" or putting him down by saying he "had a lot of hindsight in that answer."

Yes, Bill Hemmer is official now. He's toting the Republican bias on Fox, it was just a matter of time. It was subtle at first but it jumped right off the screen today when he insisted on interrupting the Democratic representative with smart remarks and allowing the Republican representative to speak unabated.