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FOX News Tries To Tie Mexican Immigrants To Al Qaeda

Reported by Ellen - August 24, 2006 -

Hannity & Colmes (8/23/06) ratcheted up the fear factor regarding Mexican immigrants by trying to tie them to Al Qaeda. The show began with a FOX News alert read by Sean Hannity. “There are reports that Al Qaeda and Iranian-linked individuals have been blending in with illegal Mexican immigrants and sneaking across our southern border.” The guest, Sheriff Sigifredo Gonzalez from Texas, quickly clarified that the individuals had been linked to Middle Eastern countries associated with Al Qaeda, not to Al Qaeda, itself. But that didn’t dampen Hannity’s enthusiasm for claiming that they were likely terrorists.

It must have been a dream-come-true for Sean Hannity who, just one night before, spent a triple segment discussing Pat Buchanan’s racist book theorizing that Mexicans are plotting to take over the United States. With barely disguised excitement, Hannity pumped the guest, Sheriff Sigifredo Gonzalez from Texas, about “Arabic-speaking individuals – That there actually is an orchestrated campaign, that they’re learning Spanish. They’re integrating into Mexican culture and then being smuggled into the United States.”

Gonzalez didn’t want to go that far and just said that the immigrants have been coming in from different Middle Eastern countries associated with terrorism.

That wasn’t inflammatory enough for Hannity, who is always lusting after more warfare for other people to wage. “I’m just, am speculating. You’re the law enforcement expert here. But if they’re coming from Al Qaeda-linked countries, or countries where we know Al Qaeda’s operating, if they’re going through this enormous effort to learn Spanish, to blend into the community and then being smuggled across, we‘ve got to assume and believe that we’re fairly certain that they’re here to bring, to create terror cells in the United States and commit acts of terrorism. Wouldn’t that be right?”

Gonzalez agreed. He claimed that the Middle Eastern immigrants are coming in with armed guards and that if they were simply coming to look for work, they wouldn’t need coyotes of that “caliber.” He talked about a few “military patches,” which FOX just happened to have available for screen shots, with Arabic writing supposedly about martyrdom and depicting a plane looking like it was about to fly into a building. He added that he worried about the criminal backgrounds of immigrants and “Who knows what types of diseases?”

Hannity called it “the number one area of vulnerability we have.” Comment: Hannity may be right and I certainly think we need to control our borders but it’s revealing, to say the least, how FOX News fixates on terrorism vulnerability with regard to the Mexican border, racial profiling and spying on Americans at the same time that it completely ignores vulnerabilities of our ports and in the management of the Department of Homeland Security and FEMA.

Bob Beckel, substituting for Alan Colmes, slyly suggested that maybe we should redeploy some of our troops in Iraq to our border. But he gamely joined in the racism. “It’s so scary the number of these people coming in who are Arabs.”

You can watch the video on the Hannity & Colmes webpage.