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Fox Smears Anna Diggs Taylor, the Judge Who Ruled That Bush's NSA Wiretap Scheme Is Illegal

Reported by Melanie - August 23, 2006 -

Fox News joined Free Republic and other conservative sites and organizations today (August 23, 2006) and bashed Anna Diggs Taylor, the judge who ruled that George Bush's warrantless NSA wiretap scheme is illegal. Jim Robbins of the "National Foreign Policy Council," a conservative "think tank" supported by the likes of the Sarah Scaife Foundation, was a guest on Fox's fake "business news" program, Your World.

Robbins appeared in a segment captioned, "Anti-NSA Wiretap Judge: More Like a 'King' Than Bush?"

The segment began with Cavuto and Robbins talking about how Taylor who, Cavuto was quick to point out, "was appointed by President Carter," has "no right" to refer to George Bush as a "monarch, since he is term limited," and, as a matter of fact, she's more of a monarch than Bush is because she isn't.

After chewing on that theme for a minute Cavuto and Robbins got to the meat of the matter -- that this is all about politically motivated activist judges.


Now, this Judge, of course, was snide in her commentary on why she did what she did, but there are a lot of appointees of Democratic prior administrations. Do you think, and, as I said, she was a Carter appointee, that that enters into their decisions on questions of a rival party's president's decisions?

(Cavuto would never in a million years ask the same about a decision made (l) by a conservative judge or (2) a decision made in favor of the Bush administration.)

Robbins said, "Well, I think so." These "are people who are appointed by politicians and confirmed by the Senate...there's always going to be a political make-up to the court and I think we have to hope that through the appeals process that the more political aspects of these cases are winnowed out and what we're left with is really solid law."

It's just that,

[I]n some cases, you get a case like this which is so clearly political and so clearly kind of thrown together to make a political point and to grab headlines that it really throws everything into question.

Comment: Never mind the Constitution or the Bill of Rights. If you get your "news" from Fox, the issue is very simple: (l) "they wanna kill us;" (2) Bush wants to protect us; (3) Democrats care more about getting Bush than they care about living, and (4) judges who are Democrats want only one thing -- to rule against Bush, no matter what the consequences. It's. That. Simple.