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Fox Guest Has Solution For Iraq - Separate The Sunnis & Shias

Reported by Donna - August 23, 2006 -

Today on Studio B with Shepard Smith he spoke with Michael O'Hanlon from the Brookings Institute regarding the war in Iraq. Shepard said there had to be something between cut and run and stay there and finish the mission.

O'Hanlon came up with a unique way to fix the situation. He said there was a middle ground. He said we'd have to start thinking about "relocating populations."

By relocating populations he said that would mean the Sunnis on the west side of Baghdad and the Shias to the east side of Baghdad.

Comments: I've heard several plans but this is the first time I've heard someone suggesting relocating populations, does he really think this would solve the Iraq problem? And isn't it just sweet how Shepard managed to work in the nonsensical 'cut and run' into the question that is, of course, a Republican talking point?