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Does FOX News Want An Aryan Nation (with Jews and Cuban refugees allowed)?

Reported by Ellen - August 23, 2006 -

For a long time, we have been writing about FOX News’ bigotry against African-Americans. More recently, we News Hounds have been monitoring their attacks on illegal immigrants and Muslims. Now FOX is showcasing Pat Buchanan’s racist book (which I will not publicize by naming) theorizing that Mexicans are plotting to take over the United States. Can there be any doubt that Jews would be targeted too if Israel wasn’t such a convenient ally in the neocons’ war plans for the Middle East?

Buchanan got a triple segment on Hannity & Colmes last night (8/22/06). He offered neither proof nor sources for his dubious ideas. Nevertheless, he received no tough questions. It's a safe bet he’ll get plenty more air time on FOX News in the near future.

According to Buchanan, it’s not just the Mexican government that is using our porous borders for evil conquest. Buchanan told Sean Hannity, “The whole world has gotten the message that Mexican folks got about 20 years ago. The whole world is coming, Sean, and a lot of those folks you can bet – intelligence agencies are sending ‘em in, Al Qaeda’s sending ‘em in. Al Qaeda folks have talked about coming in through Mexico.”

The September 11th hijackers entered our country legally, with visas, but somehow Buchanan never got to that in the interview.

And it’s not just Al Qaeda we should fear. According to Buchanan, the Mexican race, itself, is the next biggest threat after an outright terror attack. “There is an invasion… (white folks are) shrinking as a share of the population and the one minority we can really get which is really exploding in size is the Hispanic minority… I think we’re risking the break-up of America.” Before long, we may be hearing that it's the patriotic duty of Caucasians to have more babies.

Interestingly, Buchanan doesn’t seem to have a concern about the other Hispanic groups in the US: Puerto Ricans, Dominicans, South Americans, etc. who must surely make up a lot of the population explosion. Even more interestingly, Buchanan didn’t mention anything about Cubans. Since the Cubans in the US are anti-Castro, they are heroes on FOX News.

Bob Beckel, subbing for Alan Colmes, likewise overlooked the role of other Hispanic groups in the US. He asked, “What’s different?” about the southwest, given that in the east, the Irish and other European groups immigrated.

Buchanan gave this shocking answer: “58% of Mexicans believe the southwest belongs to them... They are not assimilating into America. Many of these Hispanic kids, as a matter of fact, you know what culture they’re assimilating to? The rap culture, the crime culture, anti-cops. All the rest of it.”

Beckel didn’t question a thing Buchanan said but just moved on to the next question. “You say in your book that the Mexican government is undertaking a conscious campaign, if I’m quoting you right, to use America as a dumping ground for its poor and unemployed – to do two things: one, ease social pressure in their own country and to claim and annex southwest America. Do you think this is a policy of the Mexican government?”

Just when I thought Buchanan couldn’t be any more paranoid, he offered this nugget. “It’s a policy of the Mexican government… because here they get educated, they get medicated, they get all the social welfare benefits, they’re not in Mexico as a revolutionary force. Secondly, Mexican-Americans deliver 16 billion in remittances back to Mexico from the United States… The whole idea is to create this giant fifth column in the United States which can leverage the American government in elections and pressure them to do what is in the interest of the nation of Mexico.”

Still no criticism from Beckel. “OK, but one difference between that part of the United States and the other parts that were settled by European immigrants is that it really was a Hispanic culture to begin with.”

Buchanan dubiously claimed, “It is a myth that these were all heavily populated by Mexican folks… It was empty land, populated by American Indians.” Maybe not heavily populated but according to my computer’s Encyclopedia Britannica, California, New Mexico, San Antonio, etc. were settled originally under Spanish rule. If that didn’t count, then large sections of Arizona and New Mexico, mostly empty land populated by Navajo and other Native peoples, are not really American now.

Beckel’s only real skepticism came when he said Mexican-Americans comprise the largest group of medal of honor winners. “I don’t know of stronger Americans.”

That was different, Buchanan tried to argue, because they were citizens. “Our problem is with folks who are coming here simply to work. Some of them don’t like America. They boo American teams in stadiums, they march under Mexican flags. Those aren’t Americans.” How does he know? How many boo Americans versus how many try to assimilate? He never said and nobody asked.

As if to underscore FOX News’ endorsement of Buchanan’s ideas, a banner on the screen read “Illegal aliens are bringing in syphilis and gonorrhea.”


Think Progress has the video.