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Studio B Host Has To Lessen The Words Of UK Commander

Reported by Donna - August 22, 2006 -

To even out the fact that a top UK Commander said the words civil war when it came to Iraq (though he offered it up as a miniature civil war) John Scott, filling in for Shepard Smith on Studio B today had to soften up the message.

So he offered up the words, "A top Commander addresses concerns over the claims of civil war as more Iraqis sign up to keep the peace." (My emphasis)

Apparently the top Commander for the UK in Iraq, Lt. General Robert Fry said, "At best civil war in miniature, at the best."

Comment: The Lt. General's quote couldn't be used by Fox without prefacing it with an "as more Iraqis sign up to keep the peace." This way it's not all bad news, there's a happy Iraqi story in addition to the quote.

More and more people are saying there is a civil war going on in Iraq now -- even our allies, the British, are admitting it, even though they prefaced it with 'miniature.' The reason that more people are signing up for the police or security forces is that the unemployment rate in Iraq is between 50 and 70%. You, too, might be looking for work in Iraq under these conditions and signing up is the only thing available right now. With the rate at which they're getting killed, they always have a need for replacement workers.

But that's the good news that Fox tries to put into the story about Iraq being in a miniature civil war. Let's face it, that's not good news.