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Another Political “Insight” From Dick Morris: Republicans Are Unpopular Because Bush Is So Successful

Reported by Ellen - August 22, 2006 -

Would Dick Morris have a career on FOX News were it not for his lingering animus toward the Clintons? His continued employment can’t be because of his contradictory and faulty predictions about George Bush. Last night, just a few weeks after Morris erroneously predicted that the Israeli/Lebanon war “is ultimately going to be very helpful to President Bush” and nearly a year after he predicted that the clean-up after Hurricane Katrina would be “a huge positive for Bush,” Morris came up with this novel explanation for Republicans’ unpopularity: Bush has been so successful in the war on terror that nobody’s afraid anymore.

On last night’s Hannity & Colmes (8/21/06), Morris told Sean Hannity: “I’m not a Democrat, I’m just a pessimist… If the election were held today, there is no doubt in my mind that the Democratic Party would win both houses of Congress and if the election were held today that they would win the White House, whoever was the nominee. And it is not because of George Bush’s failures, it’s because of his successes. We don’t feel a risk of being attacked. We suddenly feel that magically, the terrorists have disappeared.”

If that's the case, it's certainly not for lack of trying by FOX News. Just before Morris was another segment about Tuesday's Judgment Day with Iran. After him came another segment about the terrorism threat posed by illegal immigrants.

But even Morris seemed unconvinced of his own argument. He soon contradicted himself with a far more critical assessment. “The way to win this election for the Republican Party, is for George Bush to become president again. Instead of staying with the SAME set of issues, and the SAME speeches and the SAME ideas, uncork some new ones. Start talking about the need to get away from terror. If he went on television tonight and he said, 'My friends, we are fighting as hard in Iraq as we can. But we all realize that to stop terrorism, we’ve got to get away from dependence on oil...” Morris was interrupted because the segment was over.

You can watch the segment on FOXNews.com. Right now, it's in the "featured video" box on the right called "Hillary 2008?"