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Al Sharpton Confronts Juan Williams

Reported by Deborah - August 22, 2006 -

Rev. Al Sharpton confronted Juan Williams last night, 8/21, on The O'Reilly Factor, about allegations made in Williams' new book, " Enough: The Phony Leaders, Dead-End Movements, and Culture of Failure That Are Undermining Black America--and What We Can Do about It". Williams was full of confidence at first but he was quickly put on the defensive when Sharpton questioned his sources.

Al Sharpton was particlarly offended by William's allegation that he was paid to create demonstrations calling it " rent a demonstration". He claimed that Sharpton recieved $10,000 to stage one on Ohio. Sharpton angrily denied the charge asking for Williams source adding that Williams had never once called him to check on anything for the book. Williams said his only source for the " rent a demonstration" charge was an article in The Wall Street Journal admitting he never checked beyond that.

Williams brought up the financial backing Sharpton recieved from Roger Stone, a Republican, during the last campaign in 2004. Sharpton and O'Reilly asserted that campaign contributions from opposing parties shoudn't be a problem. O'Reilly was identifying slightly with Sharpton claiming earlier that " This kind of thing always happens to me", Sharpton, defending his affiliation with Stone brought up the recent fundraiser given by Rupert Murdoch for Hillary Clinton. O'Reilly and Williams let that slide without comment.

comment: William's book will most likely contribute to the growing polarization in this country. The Right has given him strong support. Michael Reagan had this to say in Newsmax

NPR and Fox News commentator Juan Williams is a certified liberal – so liberal some have called him the black Alan Colmes, the liberal half of Fox's Hannity and Colmes. When he writes a book you'd expect the liberal media to fall all over each other to be the first to review his book and have him as a guest on network radio and TV.

That hasn't happened, however, because his book "Enough: The Phony Leaders, Dead-End Movements, and Culture of Failure That Are Undermining Black America - and What We Can Do About It," has crossed the boundary of what is - and what is not - permitted by the high priests of liberal orthodoxy. For this grievous offense he has been cast into the outer darkness reserved for conservatives and other patriotic Americans.

The Wilmington Journal had some serious objections to Williams book but only high praise for Williams.

Let’s say it upfront – we like and respect journalist/author Juan Williams—a former Washington Post reporter, author of several noteworthy books, including the groundbreaking Eyes on the Prize, his brilliant recounting of the civil rights movement, and currently a senior correspondent for National Public Radio, and political contributor on Fox News Sunday.

We have to like the guy. Anybody who can sit within ten feet of that miserably conservative Brit Hume of Fox News every Sunday morning, and not haul off and belt him once after all these years, is a man with true restraint.

Maybe one day, when they go to commercial.

The editorial in the Wilmington Journal suggested that Williams should have sought a Black book publisher to help the Black community adding this barb

After all, doing business within your community with other African-Americans is one of the best ways of improving your community, assuming Williams still considers this his community.

Unfortunatly the Wilmington Journal hadn't read the book for a review because the publishers never sent them a copy. Here's what they wrote on that point.

Apparently Crown and Random House don’t believe in sending free, advance copies of books by Black authors putting Black people down to Black newspapers.

New York Times? Washington Post?

Oh yes!

Wilmington Journal? Send them a library card.

But we can justifiably talk about what Williams has said about his book, why he wrote it, and his views about the community.

Crown made sure plenty was printed about that so everybody in America - especially white and Black conservatives who love to pour views like Juan’s over their racist rhetoric like imitation syrup over cheap pancakes - would buy the book.