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Pseudo Democratic Correspondent Juan Williams Takes President's Side

Reported by Donna - August 21, 2006 -

Today the president had a press conference with most of the questions being about the war in Iraq. Today on Studio B with Trace Gallagher substituting for Shepard Smith, Gallagher spoke with Democratic correspondant, Juan Williams, from NPR, and Williams delivered a one-sided opinion of the press conference. But his one-sided view was the Republican, or Fox view.

This is nothing new to News Hounds. Fellow News Hound, Janie, amongst others have reported on this in the past.

When Gallagher said that the president said that he has concerns about civil war in Iraq but he's not leaving Iraq while he's in office, Williams responded that the president "stands by principle" is "resolute" and is "staying the course." He said it would "ill serve" the president's purpose to say anything else.

Williams then said that people were saying that the president is out of touch but by the president saying he realizes the war in Iraq is "straining the American psyche" the president is in fact "in touch with the American people."

Comment: With supposed Democrats like Williams, who needs a Republican - you can still serve up a one-sided opinion piece on the president's press conference.