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O'Reilly cites Billoreilly.com poll to bolster profiling

Reported by Chrish - August 21, 2006 -

Bill O'Reilly continued to divide and smear his fellow Americans during the "Talking Points Memo" tonight 8/21/06, furthering the hostilities on the right for the fed-up-with-the-Bush-administration majority.

He said that "far-left ideologues" continue to oppose "most anti-terror measures" and there is a divide between the "far-left" and "the regular folks", i.e., his followers. To illustrate his "point" BOR cited a poll on Billoreilly.com (snort) that asked "Should US authorities practice profiling at airports?" The 45,000 (he claims) faithful who voted were overwhelmingly on board with the FOX drive to segregate Middle-Eastern and Asian men of a certain age for humiliating public scrutiny in the interest of "security", Fourth Amendment be damned (again). In fact, they were almost as on-board as a Saddam Hussein presidential election: 98% of these anti-American key-hadists would rather play it safe than respect the Constitution.

Sadly, I believe that was an honest vote from O'Reilly's peops. A similar poll at CNN showed a result of 82% favoring racial stereotyping and profiling, still a depressing and abyssmal number, until you realize that that poll had been "freeped :

Freep this CNN poll on whether should profile passengers!
Caliphate News Network ^ | 08-15-06 | CNN Poll

Posted on 08/15/2006 9:45:40 AM PDT by SeafoodGumbo

Should airport security place more emphasis on profiling passengers? "

Yes, the vote-rigging has trickled down to inconsequential unscientific Internet polls,showing that the right-wing is so crazed to portray themselves as mainstream or majority that they will cheat at any and everyting - the ends justify the means for today's right-wingers.

Interesting how FOX, like Bush, doesn't want to talk about the war in Iraq and are desperately trying to divert everyone to the vague, scary, omnipresent terror war. O'Reilly did a bit of not-too-subtle campaigning for the right, and chided viewers that even though they're tired of the terror war and its complexities (comment: elitist snob must think his viewers are all simpletons; obviously he would know) and tired of bad news from Iraq (which they must be getting elsewhere because on FOX no news is good news), they are obligated to pay attention to "this war." And, he told his followers, they must "vote for people* who know how to win it." (*"not along party lines, but for those who have a clue as to how to win it" was spoken as the other text appeared on screen.) Anyone who reads News Hounds knows that FOX hosts regularly put forth another right-wing talking point, that Democrats have no plan, so by default he is talking about "resolute" Bush and all his right-hand, right-wing enablers.

Is there anyone besides Bill's Own Righties who believes this "fair" and "balanced" shtick anymore?