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Bill Hemmer Wonders Why The Press Is Asking The President Questions About Iraq

Reported by Donna - August 21, 2006 -

Today on Fox News Live with Bill Hemmer (12 p.m. to 1 p.m.) he spent the first 45 minutes of his program almost exclusively on the manhunt for an escaped prisoner in Virginia and the Jon Benet Ramsey arrest.

However he took a couple of minutes out to speak with Brit Hume about a presidential speech earlier.

While he was talking to Brit Hume, Hemmer posed the question, "I was surprised that so many questions came back to Iraq."

Hume explained that of course it would come back to Iraq, that many of the people thought the president was failing on the war in Iraq. Hume quickly added that the president remained unyielding.

Comments: Well, it's hard to blame poor Bill Hemmer on such a silly question after he spent the first 45 minutes and (then after a brief story on the middle east) the last 10 minutes of his show almost exclusively on the escaped prisoner in Virginia and the Jon Benet arrest. I guess that the president should have been questioned on these issues!

It amazes me that Fox goes so far not to cover any stories on Iraq (none were covered on Hemmer's show) that even the hosts are putting Iraq completely out of their minds. It might surprise them that 3500 Iraqi civilians were killed in the month of July in Iraq - the deadliest month in Iraq since the war began.

But no, an escaped prisoner and a 10 year old murder case get all the time on Fox News Live with Bill Hemmer.