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Sean Hannity: Phony Friend To Jews

Reported by Ellen - August 18, 2006 -

JonBenet Ramsey may have bumped World War III off the radar screen on last night’s Hannity & Colmes but there was still time for yet ANOTHER segment on the alleged anti-Semitism of Cynthia McKinney. Sean Hannity, whose own past includes an alliance with neo-Nazi Hal Turner, has suddenly turned hyper-sensitive to any hint of anti-Semitism, so long as it comes from a liberal. Funny how this sensitivity has come into the foreground just at the time that Hannity has been salivating to ally with Israel in a Third World War.

It’s no surprise that in Hannity’s world, being pro-Jewish means pro-Israel. Therefore, the anti-Semitic remarks of Mel Gibson don’t count because he didn’t say anything about stopping World War III. No, when he was pulled over for drunk driving, Gibson just cursed the “f***ing Jews”, asked the police officer if he was a Jew, and claimed that the “Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world.” Since then, Gibson has apologized and, as far as Hannity’s concerned, all is hunky-dory.

But when Cynthia McKinney’s security guards say, “You ain’t in Israel” and “You going to get your Jewish ass beat,” that’s cause for nightly condemnation on Hannity & Colmes.

Last night’s McKinney-attack came in the form of an interview with a former staffer who claimed he was fired for being Jewish. Of course, before the interview, Hannity played the tape of McKinney’s workers AGAIN just so we would know what kind of demon we were dealing with.

Speaking of tapes, just minutes before the McKinney discussion, Mark Fuhrman was treated royally as a pundit while he discussed JonBenet Ramsey (the world’s most important news story of the day). Hannity hadn’t a care in the world about Fuhrman being caught on tape using the “N-word” and bragging about beating and torturing gang members. But Hannity-come-lately called the McKinney tape “revealing” and “very, very shocking, sad.” I'm sure his concern had nothing to do with the fact that McKinney and her supporters are black.

The former McKinney staffer, Michael Burwick, seemed to have a flimsy case at best. He told Hannity that his position was “defunded” right after he returned from taking time off for Jewish holidays. When Alan Colmes asked Burwick if he had heard anti-Semitic remarks coming directly from McKinney, Burwick said, “I heard Ms. McKinney vilify Israel.” Burwick also said that the reason he thinks he was fired for being Jewish is because a reporter from Atlanta Journal-Constitution called and asked him how it felt to be fired because of it. “He had obviously received word from somebody in the office that was privy to those conversations.”

You can watch the interview on FOXNews.com.