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Neil Cavuto Suggests the U.S. Might Go to War With Russia for "Financing Terror"

Reported by Melanie - August 18, 2006 -

One of the segments featured on Your World w/Cavuto today (August 18, 2006) was captioned, "Why is Russia Doing Business with Nations that Hate America?" Cavuto's guest was Vladimir Zhirinovsky, the Vice-Chairman of Russia's Parliament. Zhirinovsky spoke only Russian and appeared with a translator who himself had difficulty speaking English.

Cavuto prefaced his introducting, with a graphic that read, "From Russia With 'Hate'?" over his shoulder, by saying that Russia recently sold $3 billion worth of arms to Venezuela and that Israel claims Hizbollah used "Russian-made anti-tank missiles" against it when it invaded Lebanon last month. Cavuto then turned to Zhirinovsky and asked, "Are you worried that Russia is financing terror?"

Zhirinovsky, through his translator, did most of the talking. Zhirinovsky said that the United States sells arms, "to one part of the world, we sell to another part of the world." He said, "All countries are selling weapons -- France, the United States, Israel. All countries selling weapons so it's not good for us to lose this market."

He suggest that we, "get together and talk. We'll froze all the weapon markets. We make an agreement against, ah, together with all the countries."

With only a few seconds left, Cavuto said, "Let me ask you this, real quickly. I'm sorry, we're pressed for time. Is it likely Russia and the U.S., given what's happened in the last few months, could end up going to war?"

Zhirinovsky said, "No. That's almost impossible. That's almost impossible to have major conflict between the United States and Russia."

Comment: This segment was quintessential Fox. I don't recall, in the two years I've monitored Cavuto, hearing any "news" or information about arms sales made by the United States to other nations so it was infuriating to watch Cavuto sit on his high, flag-waving, superior horse looking down his nose at the Russians over this issue. And, his gall at suggesting we might have to go to war with Russia in order to keep them from "financing terror," was outrageous.

Fact is, the U.S. sells more weapons to more countries than any nation on the planet and the people who are the recipients of the weapons we sell (the Lebanese, for example) would no doubt say that we are "financing terror." According to a report by the World Policy Institute titled, U.S. WEAPONS AT WAR 2005: PROMOTING FREEDOM OR FUELING CONFLICT? U.S. Military Aid and Arms Transfers Since September 11, "The United States transfers more weapons and military services than any other country in the world. Between 1992 and 2003, the United States sold $177.5 billion in arms to foreign nations." On Fox though, the United States is benevolent and pure; it's God's chosen country and the world is filled with bad guys trying to thwart its peaceful existence and its efforts to selflessly, "spread democracy and freedom."

If you watch Fox, watch at your own peril. You are not being informed.