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The Jon Benet Story Takes Precedence On Studio B

Reported by Donna - August 17, 2006 -

Today on Studio B with Greg Jarrett in the studio and Shepard Smith in the Middle East the main story that took precedence today was the latest arrest in the Jon Benet case.

While they used a dismissive, the wiretap case was decided by the "lowest level court in the system" and that the wiretaps would not be stopped, the Jon Benet case was center stage with reports from Thailand, Georgia and Boulder, Colorado.

Several times during the show it was teased that Greta Van Susteren was in Boulder Colorado. During one segment they spent approximately 6 minutes on the Jon Benet case. Right after the bottom of the hour news they again went back to the Jon Benet case and spoke with David Piper in Thailand and spent another 3 minutes on that segment.

Around 20 minutes before the hour, Greg Jarrett teased that Greta would be coming up to speak from Boulder about the Jon Benet case. In the meantime they went to Shepard Smith for some talk on the Israeli conflict with Lebanon. Around 3:48 they went to Greta who spoke for about 8 minutes on the Jon Benet case.

In case you were wondering about the war in Iraq there was about a 30 second spot to tell us that 2 car bombs killed at least 10 people there. That was it.

Comments: Again Fox goes for the sensationalized news. Visions of missing women or a poor deceased little girl dance in their heads - in hopes of big ratings. Why else would they spend the most time on this case, have reporters standing by in Thailand, Georgia and Boulder, Colorado? And putting Greta in Boulder means for sure that her show will focus on the case tonight.

The Iraq war? The last thing Fox or the Bush administration would like you to focus on.

Yes, visions of high ratings are dancing in the Fox execs heads.