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FOX News Shuts Down Alan Colmes’ Tough Questions For Republicans

Reported by Ellen - August 17, 2006 -

Apparently, on “fair and balanced” FOX News, only Democrats and liberals are fair game for strong criticism. Last night (8/16/06) on Hannity & Colmes, Alan Colmes was cut off while confronting Jack Kemp on the recent Republican tactics of trying to paint Democrats as “helpful” to Al Qaeda.

Compare the Colmes/Kemp confrontation with Hannity’s unfettered attacks on Medea Benjamin and Cindy Sheehan in another segment whose video is on FOXNews.com. FYI, the Kemp interview was two-segments long but only the first one, before Colmes got into it with Kemp, is posted on the Hannity & Colmes website. Here’s the segment FOX News didn’t want to put on its website. Hannity interrupts Colmes at about 1:17 into the interview, significantly shorter than Hannity’s 2:10 portion.