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Yet Another Bomb-Them-Now, Christo-Facist Fox Guest Says Iran Wants to "Wipe Out the United States"

Reported by Melanie - August 16, 2006 -

Fox gave airtime again today (August 16, 2006) on Your World w/Cavuto to a guest who represents the Christian version of the mullahs and clerics and Socialists and "new Hitlers" Fox constantly reminds us of who lurk in dark corners of the world waiting to destroy us. Today's Armageddon-based Rapturist was Joel Rosenberg, who Fox benignly identified as a "Middle East Analyst" and the author of "The Copper Scroll."

Yesterday's guest, John Hagee was vehement but Rosenberg was practically foaming at the mouth. And he was good. R-e-a-l good. He no doubt scared the bejesus out of Fox's already terrified audience but he also found time to bash the "liberal media," wimpy, soft-on-terror Democrats and, with Fox's help, draw a link between Iran, Syria and Venezuela.

The pretense for Rosenberg's appearance was to discuss an exhibit now showing in Iran featuring cartoons mocking the Holocaust. As happens so frequently on Fox, that topic was quickly dispensed with and Cavuto and Rosenberg got down to business.

Rosenberg said the cartoons "the Danes and others have done to mock Mohammed were wrong," but,

"The Iranians are trying to not just mock, but deny a Holocaust while simultaneously preparing to launch another. The President of Iran is talking about genocide, wiping Israel, and frankly, the United States off the map so this is part of the propaganda campaign they are waging to rile up radical Muslims into a holocaust against Israel and ultimately against the United States.

This is a regime in Iran that is trying to bring about a new holocaust. Ahmadinejad is the new Hitler. Too many Americans, particularly on the left, don't see that. They don't see the threat. Ahmadinejad is saying to people in Iran that the end of the world is rapidly approaching and that it's his mission to bring it about by destroying Israel and then the United States and that's the threat.

At this point in the segment Fox went to a split screen showing video of Ahmadinejad hugging Venezuela's President, Hugo Chavez, and video of Ahmadinejad standing next to Bashar Al-Assad, the President of Syria.

Rosenberg continued:

He is building the arsenal and the alliances to destroy Israel and to wipe out the United States and that's what so dangerous. People don't appreciate, yet, particularly in the media, Mike Wallace for sure, don't appreciate, don't understand the evil that is rising in Iran and that's what I'm trying to write about in novels. That's what I'm trying to talk about is the religious, end of the world apocalyptic mindset that Ahmadinejad has. You can't negotiate with someone, ultimately, who believes it's his mission to end the world.

Comment: The hypocrisy in what Rosenberg says is mind-boggling. Speaking on the Bush News Channel, he talks about Ahmadinejad and the "propaganda campaign" he's waging to "rile up radical Muslims" while Fox does the same. He says Ahmadinejad is "saying to people in Iran that the end of the world is rapidly approaching," yet Rosenberg too believes (or hopes for) that. He talks about the "evil that is rising in Iran," yet he fails to see the evil that is rising in the United States, aimed mostly (right now, anyway) at Iran, Syria, and Venezuela and the extraordinary role Fox News plays in spreading that evil.

In the end though, the most frightening aspect of Rosenberg's appearance is knowing that he has boasted of being invited to the White House, Capitol Hill, and the CIA to discuss the Rapture and the Middle East.