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Worst Month For Deaths In Iraq - But Fox Keeps Up The Good News

Reported by Donna - August 16, 2006 -

In a story on Studio B with Shepard Smith they opened it with July being the bloodiest month ever in Iraq. But the story didn't tell about that. No, we got to hear 'Happy Iraqi' stories instead.

In a story featuring Molly Hennenberg they showed an American soldier talking about how there were so many Iraqi men coming out to sign up to be police. He said they were tired of the insurgency, tired of terrorism. (Comment: He didn't go into how corrupt the police are in Iraq and how they are responsible for many of the death squads that roam the country, or the horrible unemployment conditions leaving a police job as their only hope)

Molly Hennenberg also talked about a town that used to be lawless but now was a shining example and how they had turned the lawlessness around.

Comment: The story was supposed to be about the worst, bloodiest, month in the history of the Iraq war but unless you looked at the small banner that ran along the bottom you wouldn't have seen that 3500 Iraqi civilians died in the month of July. Yes, that's a real happy Iraqi story.