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Talking Points Memo: Through the Looking Glass

Reported by Chrish - August 16, 2006 -

Oh the irony: Bill O'Reilly's Talking Points memo from Monday 8/14/06 is titled "Politicizing the War on Terror", I kid you not. The most ridiculous part is that he is blaming (of course) Democrats and the left for this disgusting misdeed.

Let us commence de-spinning:

"The anti-Bush crowd is furious with last week's terror arrests in London because it might help Bush administration and the Republicans in the critical upcoming November election."

Nobody was "furious" about arrests; some voiced skepticism at the serendipitous timing of the announcement, as Ned Lamont's victory over hawk Joe Lieberman was about to become the big news du jour. And O'Reilly is really embarrassing himself with the childish "anti-Bush" and "Bush'hater" labels. Intelligent, informed and reasoned adults disagree with him, vehemently, at times - deal with it. Sheesh.

O'Reilly's contention that it might help Republicans in November is the epitome of politicizing the issue - what's in it for us, politically, was the first issue jumped on by Republicans.

"The left is putting forth that the president is trying to scare people and that his policies have increased the danger from the jihadists. Now you can decide whether you're scared or not. And it's impossible to say with any uncertainty that the Iraq conflict has made the War on Terror worse."

But experts polled by FOREIGN POLICY and the Center for American Progress agree by a wide margin that Bush's foreign policy has made the world less safe. And significant terror attacks worldwide tripled from 175 to 655 2003-2004, and tripled again to 11,111 in 2005, according to US figures. NOW you can decide whether you're scared or not.

"Surely things were bad when the USA was mostly ignoring the terrorists. Our embassies were attacked in Africa. A warship bombed off the coast of Yemen. Muslim fascists in Afghanistan persecuted their own people and allowed Al Qaeda to train for 9/11. So it's hard to see that America's soft approach to terror was very effective back then."

And the tough approach is working SO well, right? See figures above.

"Now "Talking Points" is open to specific terrorist strategy, but also believes Democrats have not yet put forth a plan to defeat the terrorists. Simply criticizing Bush is not a plan. DNC chief Howard dean continues to be the chief bloviator:
(Video of Howard Dean): "We need a real tough fight on terror, but we need to be tough and smart, not just talk tough."
"Again, Dean talks in generalities. "

Of course through the marvel of selective editing we didn't get to her any of Dr. Dean's other remarks on that "Meet the Press" segment, such as "...there’s plenty of room for differing points of view on how to defend America. The problem is, the president has failed to defend America. Since he has been in office, the number of nuclear weapons in North Korea has quadrupled, Iran has moved closer to nuclear weapons, Osama bin Laden has set up shop in Pakistan five years after the fact." and "The people who fought the terrorism best in the last couple of weeks have been the British, who uncovered this plot. We need to upgrade our airport security and we’ve tried to do that in the Democratic Party, and our additions to the budget in Homeland Security have been turned down by the Republican majority." and "...what we should have been concentrating on is getting rid of the Taliban once and for all in Afghanistan who are now making a resurgence, making sure that Iraq—Iran does not have nuclear weapons. That we cannot afford to have—to allow. And to make sure that North Korea is disarmed. Those ought to be the major priorities, because if nuclear weapons get in the hands of terrorists we have a much more serious problem than Saddam ever posed to the United States or to the region."

O'Reilly meanders into clips from another segment with a Democratic strategist from last Friday (more selective editing and no rebuttal) to drive home his point:

"Now don't get me wrong. I want fresh ideas on how to defeat terror. And if a Democrat has a good idea, I'll put it on this broadcast in a heartbeat. But so far, it is just Bush is bad, Bush is trying to scare us. "

Deb just reported on O'Reilly's refusal to let Dennis Kucinich list and expound on four Democratic ideas for approaching the so-called war on terror. ....Pants on fire, Bill!

"You know what? Not having a plan after all this time is really the scary thing, is it not?

And that's "The Memo.""

You know what? Still supporting and covering for an incompetent and dangerous administration is really a scary thing, is it not?

And that's "De-spinning O'Reilly."