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Apologizing for George Allen

Reported by Janie - August 16, 2006 -

Sen. George Allen, now a blatant racist, found support from the most obvious of places: Fox News. During last night's (8/15) "Special Report" substitute host Jim Angle used the "Two Minutes of Hate" (AKA "Grapevine") segment to make sure the world knew of Allen's apology - but only dedicated thirty seconds to a story that would have elicited a much longer segment had it been a Democrat making the racial slur.

Under a banner reading "Allen's Apology" Angle "reported", "Virginia Republican Senator George Allen is apologizing for repeatedly referring to a 20-year-old Indian-American campaign volunteer as "macaca" — the name for a breed of primate that sometimes doubles in Europe as a racial slur against North Africans."

"The Washington Post reports Allen singled out S.R. Sidarth, who is a volunteer for Allen's opponent James Webb, at a campaign event last week saying: "Let's give a welcome to Macaca here. Welcome to America and the real world of Virginia." In fact, Sidarth was born in the state.

The Webb campaign called the remarks demeaning and insensitive. But Allen says he didn't know what the word meant saying it sounds similar to "Mohawk" — the name Allen's campaign staff had given to Sidarth because of his mullet-style haircut."

Comment: There is not one mention during this "story" that Allen has a history of such events. It would have been apropos to explain to viewers that Allen wore a confederate pin during high school, displayed it through out college and law school on his car, had it on the wall of his living room until 1992 and once displayed a noose hanging from a ficus tree outside of his office. But since Allen is a Republican, only a brief mention of the current scandal emphasizing his apology is necessary.

It's also important to note how Allen's apology is left to stand, and un-criticized - despite the stupidity of comparing a "mohawk" to a "mullet".

Mohawk: A hairstyle in which the scalp is shaved except for an upright strip of hair that runs across the crown of the head from the forehead to the nape of the neck.

Mullet: a haircut that is short in the front, on the top, and on the sides, but long in the back.

This glaring stupidity was left untouched.

Had this been a Democratic scandal, 30 seconds would just not have sufficed, as we have seen with the Cynthia McKinney story. A few of her body-guards make a racial slur (which is absolutely inappropriate) and it's discussed show after show on Fox for days.

What's good for the goose, is apparently not good for the gander!