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Sean Hannity, Pouting Over Middle East Cease-Fire: “One Nuke And It Was All Over”

Reported by Ellen - August 15, 2006 -

Sean Hannity, ever bloodthirsty for other people to fight and die, was a vision of peevish disgruntlement last night on Hannity & Colmes (8/14/06) during a discussion about the Israeli/Lebanese cease fire. Complaining about the “phony agreement that’s not going to last,” Hannity argued that Israel had the ability to “obliterate” Hezbollah. “One nuke and it was all over,” he said. Later, he insisted he hadn’t meant that Israel should actually do that. In the interim, FOX News military analyst Bill Cowan called Israel "appeasers" for agreeing to the ceasefire.

The double-segment also featured a new-to-me guest named Mark Rosenblum, from Americans for Peace Now. Hannity was so disappointed that Israel didn’t “finish the job and defeat this terror organization” that he rarely let Rosenblum finish a thought.

Rosenblum started to explain that he thought Israel agreed to the cease-fire not only because of US pressure. “There has to be internal considerations,” Rosenblum began.

“So we allow the failed, corrupt, inept United Nations – you know, give a phony agreement that’s not going to last,” armchair warrior Hannity interrupted.

Rosenblum said that the Israelis were not prepared to deal with the Hezbollah counter-insurgency war and “They were surprised by a number of things…”

“That’s ridiculous,” Hannity interrupted. “That’s an insane statement.”

“They didn’t anticipate the anti-tank missiles,” Rosenblum continued.

“They could have OBLITERATED them had there not been world pressure,” Hannity insisted.

“Easy for you to say, sitting in a comfort here,” Rosenblum replied.

“One nuke and it was all over,” Hannity declared.

After the break, the grumpy Hannity turned to Cowan. “You know, one of the problems with the modern appeasement movement of this era is that there are actually people – I was talking to Mark in the break here – actually people that believe through negotiation that we can really achieve a peace with Ahmadinejad, achieve a peace with Hezbollah, achieve a peace with the sworn enemies of civilization. And I don’t believe that’s possible.”

Cowan readily agreed. “People who think we can appease these guys or negotiate with them or strike peace with them have the sensing (sic) that they are rational thinkers like we are, that they’re not bound by hate and by history and by an absolute desire – as Ahmadinejad and as Hezbollah have said – to push Israel into the sea. These people – you just can’t deal with them, Sean.”

Hannity went back to Rosenblum. “Do you think that you can have a peace with Ahmadinejad? Do you really believe the world’s safer, now that the inept, incompetent, totally anti-Semitic, anti-American UN is involved here?”

Rosenblum agreed that “Of course, it would be better to defeat (Hezbollah).” But, he added, “The Israeli Defense Forces and the government of Israel, the civilian-elected government of Israel, concluded that the war had reached diminishing returns.”

Alan Colmes took his turn. He sounded outraged as he objected to calling those who wanted a cease-fire “appeasers.” Colmes asked Cowan, “Is Israel an appeaser for signing this cease-fire agreement? Are they a bunch of appeasers there who want to be destroyed and that’s why they agreed with the United Nations deal?”

“Israel was an appeaser when they gave Gaza back to the Palestinians and when they gave the southern part of Lebanon back to Lebanon,” Cowan said.

“They’re waving the white flag here? Is that what you’re suggesting?” Colmes was astounded.

Cowan answered, “I don’t want to say that, but I think they’re under big pressure to do it. Look, I’m a big supporter of Israel. I’d like to have seen them be able to finish the job. They weren’t able to.”

Colmes turned to Rosenblum. “Mark, this is an opportunity. In fact, they ought to bring Syria in at this opportunity, shouldn’t they, and talk to Syria and help control the border. Wouldn’t this be an opportunity?”

Rosenblum said, “It’s an opportunity to essentially try and isolate and defeat the extremist arc in the Middle East.” He noted that the UN resolution allows Israel to fire back if Hezbollah fires missiles while Israel is still in Lebanon. “There has never been a United Nations resolution so friendly to Israeli security but it is a piece of paper,” Rosenblum said to Hannity.

“We gotta run,” Hannity said, despite the fact that Colmes did not receive as much time as Hannity.

But Hannity wasn’t so pressed for time that he didn’t mind squeezing in a few more of his own comments. “I think anything short of defeat of Hezbollah or crippling it is a waste of time.”

“By dropping your nuclear bomb,” Rosenblum said,

“No! I never said drop a nuclear bomb. You said that they weren’t winning. And I said, they could have won it in a second if they wanted to… I never said drop a weapon. I said they could, they could obliterate them and if they wanted to, they could have… You’re full of Sh...”

I’ll leave it to the readers to decide what Hannity meant.

I’m hoping to have video for this segment in the near future.