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Fox News Live Focuses On Terrorism

Reported by Donna - August 15, 2006 -

Even though Bill Hemmer is reporting from the middle east on Fox News Live (12 - 1 p.m.) the entire hour was mostly focused on terrorism.

Hemmer kept teasing that the President was going to speak from the Counterterrorism Department. Terrorism = President = Good News for the Bush Administration. This was their overwhelming theme.

Before the President came on Hemmer spoke with Christie Todd Whitman that the Democrats are saying that Iran has become a nuclear power and Osama Bin Laden has not been caught therefore the Bush Administration has failed. Hemmer asked her if the Democrats even "had a point?" Hemmer went on to add that the White House is focused on terror. (Comment: If the White House is focused on terror you can be sure that Fox is, too. Hemmer's message? Democrats = bad, they have no point while the White House is focused on terror!)

Bush then spoke. He said, "Americans safer than it has been but it's not yet safe." (?) He added that there were a lot of "good people, working hard." (Comment: Another often used favorite phrase of the president) He said that we were seeing the fruits of our labor with the help of the UK. (Comment: Funny, I thought it was the UK that led this terrorist cell arrest?) He went onto say that we have to be right 100% of the time and the terrorists only had to be right once. (Comment: Therefore absolving himself if an attack takes place) He also wanted to assure the American people that they were doing everything to protect them.

Comment: The whole hour was consumed with talking about terror. There was some talk about Israel, Lebanon, Syria and Iran but they kept coming back to the terrorism theme. Several times during the hour they said they had breaking news and it was the same news each time; a new arrest had been made in London.

With the president's numbers rapidly falling once again the only thing he has left is the terrorism issue. Fox and the president go out of their way to portray the UK's arrest of the terrorist cell as their own. They'll beat this issue as long as they can. On the show today we didn't even hear about Iraq. That's the way they like it.