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Fox Gives Airtime to a Radical Christian Pastor Trying to Orchestrate Armageddon but Doesn't Reveal His Agenda to its Audience

Reported by Melanie - August 15, 2006 -

This morning (August 15, 2006) DemocracyNow aired a segment titled, Christians United for Israel: New Christian Zionism Lobby Hopes to Rival AIPAC. Amy Goodman's guest, Max Blumenthal, spoke at length about the leader of Christians United for Israel, John Hagee, who Blumenthal said has, "an Armageddon-based agenda for supporting Israel."

Blumenthal also said,

So now you have Christians United for Israel, which was founded in February by John Hagee, who commands a mega-church in San Antonio with 18,000 members. He's a huge force in Texas politics, a close, personal friend of Tom DeLay. And what this organization has done is they've convened all of the major Christian Zionist mega-churches in the country under one umbrella group, and they've hired a lobbyist. Hagee has a lot of money through his congregation. And their lobbyist is a guy named David Brog, who’s the former chief of staff to Arlen Specter, and he's Jewish, so this makes him a huge asset to this organization, because he can beat back criticism from other Jewish leaders that Christian Zionists harbor ulterior motives for supporting Israel, that they have an Armageddon-based agenda for supporting Israel.

Ironically (or not), Fox News gave John Hagee a platform this afternoon on Your World w/Cavuto to lay out his plan for beginning the Armageddon he so arrogantly hopes to have a hand in creating.

Cavuto introduced Hagee with this:

If my next guests are right, the cease-fire will be temporary. In fact, a bloodier battle may well be ahead. Joining us is Brigette Gabriel, the president and founder of American Congress for Truth and pastor John Hagee, author of Jerusalem Now [Sic. The title of the book is Jerusalem Countdown].

Cavuto asked the "pastor" why the thinks the recent fighting between Israel and Hizbollah is just a "teaser."

Hagee said,

Hizbollah has every reason to feel they've won. They have new-found confidence. They have faced the mighty IDF and have survived for more than 30 days and they now have the right to feel that they're the kingpins of terrorism. Iran will resupply them through Syria. Whenever they are rested, whenever they have new supplies they will re-attack Israel. Israel will come back and I believe this next round will be more severe and aggressive and the moment Israel determines Iran has nuclear capability or buys a nuclear weapon from North Korea, that they will bomb the nuclear facilities in Iran or go after Iran and then it is really going to become intense in the Middle East.

Cavuto wondered what the U.S. should do if it knew, "something big is afoot? If we suspect that Syria and Iran will cheat and funnel weapons to a still-armed or less armed Hizbollah? Then what do we do?" (According to the MSM, this is already an established fact so Cavuto gets an Emmy for the inquisitive, naive pout he wore while asking this question.)


I think the United States and Israel should keep their ear to the ground and the moment that they feel Iran has a nuclear device that they need to take out the nuclear capabilities of that country. Make no mistake, Iran will use nuclear weapons against Israel and use nuclear weapons against the United States of America. Even if it's a nuclear suitcase bomb they will do everything in their power to get it in the hands of sleeper cells that are already in the United States of America.

Comment: During the segment Hagee was identified as a "pastor," as the pastor of the "Cornerstone Church," and as being from Christians United for Israel. At no time was his agenda made known to the audience and, no offense intended toward those who refer to their religious leaders as clerics, Fox's audience had no idea it was watching a man who is a Christian version of the "radical clerics" Fox News so loves to hate and that it uses to scare its audience with nearly every day.