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Bill O'Reilly's Clumsy Sabotage Of Dennis Kucinich

Reported by Deborah - August 15, 2006 -

Bill O'Reilly supposedly invited Dennis Kucinich to discuss his plan to fight terrorism on The Factor tonight. It became clear, before Kucinich uttered his first word, that O'Reilly's objective was to show how Democrats have no plan. So when Kucinich showed up with a well organized initiative, O'Reilly jumped into action but his efforts to sabotage Kucinich were transparent.

O'Reilly revealed his intentions with the segment tease. "We've been searching for the Democrat's plan to fight terrorism." Then he opened the segment with a picture of George Soros claiming that Soros thinks we're fighting the war wrong but has no plan.

After calling Kucinich a "peace guy" and "straight talker", O'Reilly started complaining that the Democrats have no plan to fight terrorism. Of course he mentioned all the usual suspects in the Democratic Party like Clinton, Dean, Kerry and Kennedy telling Kucinich that Bush bashing isn't a policy.

Kucinich, no stranger to FOX or O'Reilly, was ready with a four point plan. As he started to list the four points, O'Reilly tried to stop him by talking over him but Kucinich kept going through the list. His plan included getting out of Iraq, following international law,. funding first responders and establishing better relationships with other other countries. Viewers were prevented from hearing Kucinich introduce his plan because O'Reilly talked over him the entire time.

O'Reilly latched on to Iraq describing how Iran would take over and dominate making the terrorism worse. Kucinich pointed out that terrorism had increased four fold this year indicating that change was indicated but O'Reilly wasn't interested saying there was terrorism in a lot of countries besides Iraq.

Kucinich quoted Kennedy, " Never negotiate out of fear but never fear to negotiate." This prompted O'Reilly to bring up Clinton saying he was soft on terrorism .Listing all the attacks during the Clinton Administration he asked, "Think that was a good policy?" Kucinich tried to make some other points but O'Reilly wanted to stay with Clinton. Finally he blurted to Kucinich, " Did you not hear the question or do you just not like me."

comment: When O'Reilly finally decided to quickly run through the intentionally ignored four points, it was a distorted interpretation . Since Dennis Kucinich never got the chance tonight to discuss his plan tonight, here's some of his thoughts on terrorism from his website.

O'Reilly's attempted sabotage of Dennis Kucinich was obvious, amateurish and ineffective. Only the most blindly obedient O'Reilly followers could have considered that interview professional and appropriate.