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With "News" Like This It's No Wonder Dick Cheney Loves Fox

Reported by Melanie - August 14, 2006 -

Well, well, well. I just watched an hour (August 14, 2006) of Dick Cheney's go-to news channel, you know the one - the "fair and balanced" channel - Fox News. Yep, I watched its "premiere business news" program, Your World w/Cavuto. Let's see, just how "fair and balanced" were the guests featured during that hour anyway and just how much "business news" did the guests discuss?

It all started with live coverage of George Bush "making remarks" at the State Department. Afterward, for analysis, Fox brought on Dan Gillerman, the Israeli Ambassador to the United Nations. During Gillerman's appearance the graphic at the bottom of the screen read, "Hezbollah Claims Victory: Israel's Amb. to the UN Reacts."

After a report from Israel by Fox's Jennifer Griffin, during which she updated the audience on Ariel Sharon's medical condition, referring to him as "Israel's warrior," Lawrence Eagleburger came on to discuss, as the graphic said, "Lebanese & French Troops to Guard Border: Disasterous Combo?" A sample quote:

I have some really serious doubts about the ability of this peacekeeping force to really keep the peace unless, for the first time in virtually the history of the United Nations, they are told that they may shoot when they are in trouble and in fact that they may shoot if they have to do so in order to enforce what they're there for. We haven't seen that before. We'll have to hope that happens but I have some very serious doubts.

Ah yes, another member of the shooting-and-bombing-is-the-answer-to-all-of-our-problems crowd.

Next came the daily roundtable discussion with cast members from Fox's Saturday morning "Cost of Freedom" lineup of four "business news" programs. Today's topic was: "Fallout: Fox Stocks if Cease-Fire Fails."

Next came Peter Brooks of the ultra-conservative Heritage Foundation. Brooks appeared to discuss whether or not a "rail attack" is "near" now that the London "terror plot" was foiled.

Bo Dietl, a scruffy, Mafia Don-like "former New York detective" was Cavuto's next guest. Cavuto introduced Dietl with a graphic over his shoulder that read, "Profile Now!" and the graphic at the bottom of the screen during the segment read: "Dietl: Profile Arabs and Muslims at Airports Now!"

Dietl strikes me as a simpleton; the kind of guy whose world view is shaped by spending hours at the local bar talking to a bunch of equally ignorant "guys" and watching re-runs of Dragnet, shoot 'em up detective movies and Fox News.

Dietl was upset that his rights were being violated by having to forgo taking liquids and gels on airplanes. He wondered, "When are my rights gonna stop getting violated as far as me, an American? Everyone's worrying about my phone records being turned over, this and that..."

He said the "only reason" the London "terror plot" "didn't happen" was because the British are,

[A] little more advanced in their freedoms as far as I'm concerned, because freedom to me is the right to survive and they have a thing called 'reasonable suspicion.' That's how they can go in there and search someone. We have 'probable cause.' It's a little different. The vernacular's a little different.

We're right now in the fight for our life...we've got to relax some of our own rights to survive.

You've gotta look at people that look Muslim.

This is a Johnny-come-lately religion. Christians and Jews been [sic] around for 1600 years, 1500 years before. When they're having a religion talking about killing people I think we should reevaluate people who pray to someone who wants to kill you.

See what I mean about Dietl being a simpleton? This is the level of "expertise" one sees on Fox News. (And by the way, you better hope you don't "look Muslim." I wonder who's going to cobble together THAT definition. Someone at FEMA maybe.)

Okay, moving on. Cavuto's next guest, after that informative segment with Dietl, was Governor George Pataki of New York. Pataki was on to talk about the new money he is proposing to help sick ground zero workers.

After the Pataki segment ended Cavuto headed to a break with a promo about who was up next: "Someone who says George W. Bush is the best president of our generation, by far!" As Cavuto spoke, Fox showed video of Bush and a caption that read, "THE BEST PRESIDENT." Even though I was home alone at the time, certain words came blasting out of my mouth, rather loudly I might add, causing my sleeping dog to wake up and cast a worried look my way.

The guest who thinks Bush is the best president of our generation, "by far!," was Jonathan Tobin, editor of the "Jewish Exponent." In a nutshell Tobin thinks Bush is the best president of our generation because he "has Israel's back" and he doesn't "play games" like Clinton did when he invited Yasser Arafat to the White House "all the time."

Is it any wonder Fox News is Dick Cheney's favorite "news" channel?