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Bush Admits He Can Be A Liar

Reported by Donna - August 14, 2006 -

Today on Studio B with Shepard Smith the president held a news conference regarding the Israel/Lebanon conflict. When confronted with the question that Hezbollah was also claiming victory when Bush just said that Israel had achieved victory the president said, "If I was Hezbollah I would be claiming victory, too."

Editorial Comments: What was that? He just got done saying Hezbollah was defeated, and blamed them, Iran and Syria, too. Then he turns around and says if he was Hezbollah he would be claiming victory, too.

What is this man saying? Does this speak to his politics? Do we take everything he says with a grain of salt? He tells us we're winning the war on terror, the war in Iraq. Are these things he's just saying like he said about Hezbollah? Is he admitting he's a liar? Is he just saying these things because they make him look better?

We report, you decide.