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Julie Banderas Not So Subtle Messenger For FOX

Reported by Deborah - August 13, 2006 -

Julie Banderas, anxious to get the FOX message out to the folks chose the blatant over subtle approach today on Big Story/Weekend. She asked viewers to phone in an answer to this question.

" In light of last week's busted terror plot, have you changed your mind about how you'll vote this November?"

The Banderas debate duo, Joe Pagliarulo and Kirsten Powers, were there to provide the proper setting for the viewer calls.There wasn't too much of a debate during their discussion on Joe Lieberman and fighting terrorists.

Powers said that the events this week reminded people of their need for safety and Joe Lieberman is an outspoken supporter of the war on terror. Pagliarulo claimed that Lieberman has huge support in Conneticut predicting he will win the election in November. Banderas asked them if they would be voting for Lieberman and Powers answered quickly, " Oh Yes!" Pagliarlulo hesitated for a moment before he said yes.

Then the first call was taken from New Mexico. The caller said the thwarted terror attack reinforced his vote for a Republican claiming that he became a Republican in 1979 during the hostage crisis with Jimmy Carter.

At this point Powers and Pagliarluo had an obligatory debate about Lamont and the anti war Democrats. Banderas called a truce just in time for the next call. The caller from Nevada claimed he was a Democrat but now this whole thing against the President made him decide to vote Republican " to send a message to the terrorists"

Powers started to object to the caller's statement and Banderas defended him with, "He's just taking the side of America." Powers tried to make a point that America is against the war in Iraq prompting an exasperated sounding Banderas to say, " We're already there!"

comment: Joe Pagliarulo and Kirsten Powers are such regulars with Banderas that she referred to them as her "posse" a few weeks ago on Big Story/Primetime. Even if the segment wasn't rehearsed she knew exactly how they would respond. She sure seemed to know that Powers was voting for Lieberman and those callers were almost too good to be true. Maybe someone at FNC needs to remind her that she is expected to create a fair and balanced illusion so FOX News can keep their slogan.