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O'Reilly and Lamont in agreement - why not attack O'Reilly and FOX?

Reported by Chrish - August 12, 2006 -

The thwarting of alleged terror plots in London came at a fortuitous time for American Republicans, who saw Ned Lamont's defeat of incumbent Joe "Dino" Lieberman as an opportunity to re-cast the anti-Iraq war majority in this country as weak on defense. VP Dick "5 deferments" Cheney was at the forefront of this attack, though he couldn't muster the guts to go fight when he was a young man.

Reported yesterday in Greenwich (CT) Time:

Democratic Senate nominee Ned Lamont responded yesterday to Dick Cheney's suggestion that his primary upset heartened terrorists, saying the vice president was mixing up the war on terror with the invasion of Iraq.

"I just think that this Bush administration confuses a comprehensive attack on the terrorists with the invasion of Iraq," Lamont said in a telephone interview yesterday. "I think the invasion of Iraq was a terrible distraction."

Lamont, 52, said the invasion diverted attention and resources from the hunt for Osama bin Laden, port security and other critical areas of national security.

"It hasn't made us safer," Lamont said. "I'm happy to have that debate."

Democrat Lamont is being used as the Republican's poster boy for the "soft on terror" campaign they will be waging in an effort to retain power in November, hoping to scare voters (again) into believing only Republicans care about defense of America.

But FOX's #1 loudmouth Bill O'Reilly said essentially the same thing during an interview of former UN Ambassador Dan Scheffer July 26 regarding the (unknown to BOR) fact that Hezbollah had accumulated thousands of rockets in southern Lebanon:

BOR (Huffs) That's another situation. I think (stumbles a little) we've been so diverted, by the 9/11 and the war in Iraq, that we just weren't paying attention.

FOX coverage of Democrats' "softness" won't be fair and balanced unless they acknowledge the same about Bill "...there isn't enough Viagra in the world" O'Reilly.