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Is There Any Conservative Misdeed Big Enough For FOX News To Care About? Is There Any Liberal Misdeed Too Small To Highlight?

Reported by Ellen - August 12, 2006 -

Those were the questions on my mind last night (8/11/06) as I watched the disgraced Bernard Kerik treated like an upstanding citizen and pundit on Hannity & Colmes. Former top NYC cop Kerik recently pled guilty to taking “gifts” from a construction company with Mafia ties while he was corrections commissioner. Despite the mob connections, the company’s application with the New Jersey Casino Control Commission to build a casino was approved. As The Daily News reported, Kerik knew and had contact with a New Jersey gaming regulator who played a key role in the approval. But while Kerik’s wrongdoings got no scrutiny, Cynthia McKinney was vilified for the umpteenth time because, as the screen said, one of her supporters was accused of anti-Semitism.

And it’s not just Kerik and McKinney. The list of FOX News regulars with criminal or ethical challenges is startlingly long for a network whose head, Roger Ailes, claims is distinguished by the fact that “We like America.” Here’s a partial list:

Host Bill O’Reilly, accused of sexual harassment and lewd behavior, still a nightly host on prime time.

Host Oliver North, arms seller to the Iranians, later convicted of lying to Congress (overturned on a technicality). Weekend host.

Contributor Robert Novak, outed CIA agent Valerie Plame in his newspaper column, later made FOX News contributor

Ann Coulter, voting-fraud suspect, accused plagiarist and likely substance abuser – still a regular guest despite several no-shows.

G. Gordon Liddy, felon, frequent guest

Tom DeLay, under indictment for money laundering, guest of honor at Sean Hannity’s Freedom Concert segments on Hannity & Colmes

Dick Morris, FOX News contributor with a toe-sucking fetish who allowed a prostitute to listen in on his phone calls with then-president Bill Clinton while Morris worked for Clinton's re-election campaign. It was also revealed that Morris fathered a child out of wedlock.

Mark Fuhrman, FOX News contributor, the "N" -word-using former cop who belonged to a group called "Men Against Women" and bragged about beating and torturing gang members. He also pleaded guilty to perjury.

Newt "World War III" Gingrich, FOX News contributor, accused of hypocrisy and unethical behavior when, according to wikipedia, he accepted a $4.5 million advance as part of a book deal, in light of his previous role in the investigation of Jim Wright. Following the accusations, Gingrich returned the advance.
All charges were eventually dropped following an investigation by the Republican-led House Ethics Committee. However, Gingrich admitted to "unintentionally" giving inaccurate information to the House Ethics Committee during the course of the investigation. The committee did not indict him on charges of intentional perjury. The matter was settled when he agreed to reimburse the Committee $300,000 for the cost of prolonging the investigation. The payment was described as a "cost assessment" and not a fine by the Committee[4]. He also agreed to not "spin" the story in the media, but admit publicly to his transgressions.

Mel Gibson, not a FOX News employee yet but has any drunk-driving, religious bigot ever received such a groundswell of nationally televised support? Can a job offer be far behind?

Meanwhile, there seems to be no Cynthia McKinney transgression (nor one by Barbra Streisand and others) too small or too unimportant to warrant a full-blown discussion. In the case of her anti-Semitic supporters, the New Black Panther Party, two discussions were deemed newsworthy. The New Black Panther Party is a favorite Hannity & Colmes target so it should come as no surprise that the McKinney/Panther combo should pack a powerful wallop of desire to the FOX News producers. Even Alan Colmes got into the act of attacking their representative last night.

As for Kerik, he’s a cad as well as a criminal. Not only did he cheat the taxpayers with his unethical behavior while on the public payroll (and there were questions about other of his financial dealings as well), he was also cheating on his wife with two different mistresses. But that’s no reason not to like him. Sean Hannity ended the segment with the disgraced cop by saying, “Bernie, good to see you.” Perhaps a job offer is on the way to him, too.

Readers, feel free to add to the list. I might start a new thread with a FOX News hall of shame.