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Alleged terror plot in Britain justifies NSA warrantless wiretapping in USA?

Reported by Chrish - August 11, 2006 -

Durint the course of an otherwise bland interview with Homeland Security Director Michael Chertoff on The Factor 8/10/06, Bill O'Reilly presented a final question/statement:

"The fact that the NSA was able to intercept some of these phone calls that were made in the United States to Al Qaeda in Britain by using the very controversial - although I understand warrants were obtained for this by the FISA court - is that a, in your opinion, does that mean that the Bush administration is, uuuuhhh, justified now in its original policy, is this a big win politically for you guys?"

De-spun: Can the Bush administration say "I told you so" and exploit this incident to further ignore the Constitution?

Chertoff refused to go into specific procedures used in the investigation, instead using the metaphor that the US shouldn't leave any weapons on the table in fighting this ruthless enemy. He says we "can't afford to fight that battle if (we) don't use every single legal tool to the full extent that you're able to do so."

Comment: Even though O'Reilly was trying to present the notion that the Bush administration was justified in their earlier warrantless spying, it is duly noted that they got the necessary warrants to conduct the surveillance and Chertoff reiterated that it was all legal. And whattayaknow, the operation was successful, the alleged plot thwarted, and all done within the law.