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Fox Suggests That the Citizens of New Orleans are Potential Terrorists

Reported by Melanie - August 10, 2006 -

Fox is tripping over itself trying to help the Bush administration terrorize the nation, using the London "terror plot" to distract the American people from the anti-war, anti-Bush conversation that began yesterday after Ned Lamont won Tuesday's Connecticut primary.

Case in point: Charles Payne, of "WStreet.com" and the only African-American who very, very regularly appears on Fox's "business" programs, was a guest today (August 10, 2006) on Your World.

Payne participated in the daily roundtable discussion, today's topic being, "Terror Plot Fear: Will it Damage America's Economy?" According to Payne, the citizens of our own New Orleans are potential terrorists too:

...[W]e have a silent majority here that really believes in violence and believes that America's against them. You remember the ramifications from New Orleans, that a lot of dissatisfied people here could ultimately join up with the Muslims or sympathize with them. It's a scary thing here as well as in the UK.

Comment: Now are you scared enough to forget what we were talking about yesterday?