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Chertoff Says UK Plot Suggestive Of Al Qaeda Plot

Reported by Donna - August 10, 2006 -

On Studio B with Shepard Smith today they had Homeland Security Head, Michael Chertoff who said, "Though It was international in scope in some respects it was suggestive on an Al Qaeda plot."

Instead of just letting it stand at that, Shepard Smith asked the big question - Why would Chertoff even use the words Al Qaeda?

However it was several segments later before we got an indication of why Chertoff would say this. Smith spoke with correspondent, Bret Baier, who said that the plot could be traced back to Pakistan and that is why it could be directly related to Al Qaeda.

They also showed a clip of the President saying we are at war with Islamic Fascists.

Studio B also had one security expert who said that we've known for years about liquid explosives and why it would take until now to ban them was beyond him, it should have been done years ago.

Comments: Sure we can say that Chertoff likes to put the fear factor out to the American people by suggesting this may be Al Qaeda, but except for the Pakistan ties, there was no proof given of it being Al Qaeda.

It was curious, however, that all the people arrested in the UK were UK citizens of Pakistan descent and there were also 3 people arrested in Pakistan. Pakistan is our ally on the war on terror.