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Bill O'Reilly Denies Calling Far Left "Lice"

Reported by Deborah - August 10, 2006 -

During the Talking Points segment of The Factor, 8/8/06, Bill O'Reilly made this statement during his commentary accusing far left of anti -semitic attacks against Lieberman.

"The far left in America is dominated by haters, people who despise their own country and want to injure those with whom they disagree. These smear merchants are now all over the mainstream media and have spread like lice on the Internet."

Last night O'Reilly responded to a viewer's e-mail expressing an objection to the " lice" reference. With an air of smug satisfaction, he claimed that he never called them lice but said the smear merchants were " spreading like lice" adding that there was a difference.

comment: Thanks Bill for clearing that up. Everyone is relieved to know that you don't hate the far left haters and didn't actually smear the smear merchants.