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FOX News Smear Machine Already Geared Up Before Lamont Won

Reported by Ellen - August 9, 2006 -

Only a small percentage of the Connecticut primary returns had been counted but the FOX News hatemongers were ready with their smears against winner-to-be Ned Lamont. Rather than debate the issues that the race represented, guests such as Mary Matalin and David Horowitz pretended that only a minority of Americans were against the war in Iraq. They couldn’t seem to decide whether Lamont was a fringe candidate who had hijacked the Democratic Party or if he represented the majority of Democrats. Either way, their attacks would have been laughable if they weren’t so vicious. Unfortunately, I expect them to get more vicious as the elections get closer.

Mary Matalin couldn’t seem to make up her mind which smear to use against Lamont – the “his radical views are now part of the mainstream Democratic Party” or “his radical views are out of touch with his own party” tack. She started with the former. In her nasally voice, she intoned, “You know what this Party says? You know what this victory says tonight for Lamont? When the bad guys turn up the heat, we’re going to beat a hasty retreat.” But a few minutes later, she whined, “Lamont supports the position, the Kerry, Feingold position which only 13 Democrats at best voted for. The first go round was only 9 Democrats. That’s the position he supports.”

When Alan Colmes challenged her by saying that mainstream America is against the war in Iraq, Matalin made the outlandish claim that support for the war “goes up and down.” She claimed that as people see progress such as Zarqawi being killed, “Saddam going down, they’re supportive.” Drawing a circle with her hands, she started to contend that “the overwhelming majority of people…”

She never finished because Colmes interrupted to ask which polls show Americans’ support for the war. She never cited one.

Hannity declared, “I’m gonna mark this night. This is the night the Democrats officially have been taken over by the extremists of MoveOn.org.” I guess that's opposed to the unofficial takeover that Hannity has been condemning since I started watching him. Hannity, of all people, also complained several times about the lack of civility in political discourse. But he had no problem with David Horowitz painting Democrats as terrorist-enablers.

An astounded Alan Colmes asked Horowitz, “Are you suggesting Democrats are more dangerous to America than terrorists are?”

Horowitz insisted he wasn’t but, he claimed, “The Democrats being apologists for the terrorists and directing all their fire at the United States, and our defenses against the terrorists are a serious internal threat now. What you have in the Lieberman campaign is the final nail in the coffin of any kind of centrist democratic party… Lamont will draw a huge amount of money from the Soros shadow party.”

A short while later, Horowitz said, “The terrorists wouldn’t be such a threat if it weren’t for the fact that in this country, we have people that want us to lose this war… You have leftists now supporting Hezbollah.”

Hannity had no objection to that kind of attack against his fellow Americans. He asked, “Does the country know how extreme this party has become?”

Horowitz answered, “No, the country will wake up to this over time. The fact that Joe Lieberman, who is a very liberal Democrat (I thought he was the last centrist!), whose only sin is his commitment to defeating the terrorists in Iraq, is going to be purged from this party. That’s basically what this is about.”

Author Robert Dreyfuss, the other guest, was completely unprepared for the dose of hate he received. He said, “The silliest thing in the world is the idea that Democrats are somehow apologists for terrorists.”

“I’d like to find one…” Dreyfuss started to say.

“Look in the mirror,” Horowitz said.

Yes, it ought to be silly but these guys mean it, and this kind of talk is dangerous, as Hitler and Goering demonstrated. For that reason, I’m going to revive my campaign to write to Hannity & Colmes sponsors and question their support for this kind of un-American behavior. Tonight’s sponsor is Microsoft. Their telephone number is (800) MICROSOFT (642-7676) or you can contact them via the web here. I'll either call or write and post about it later in the week.

You can also contact FOX News at: