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Linda Chavez Calls McKinney's Democratic Opponent a "Republican"

Reported by Marie Therese - August 8, 2006 -

Linda Chavez, a regular guest on FOX News, was on FOX & Friends this morning, billed as a Republican strategist. At 6:16 AM EDT she made the following comment about Hank Johnson, Cynthia McKinney's DEMOCRATIC opponent in today's run-off election in the 4th District: ""...and Hank Johnson, who's a much more moderate Republican may reflect some of the voters that have come into her district recently - a lot of middle class blacks - who may not want Cynthia McKinney as their Representative." I was struck by how much Ms. Chavez, who lives in Virginia and specializes in Hispanic issues, knew about the demographics of the voter rolls in Georgia's 4th Congressional District!

Here's her bio from Wikipedia:

Linda Chavez is a syndicated columnist and a Fox News political commentator. She is the Chair of the think tank Center for Equal Opportunity, a conservative organization opposed to affirmative action and bilingual education.

As they do with most prominent conservative commentators, the left-leaning organization Media Matters for America maintains a list of controversial statements that she has made since May of 2004 [2].

Her strident conservatism has been controversial to some in the Mexican-American community, as some consider her a "sell-out" or "vendida". Chavez counters that the American tradition is for individuals to think and speak for themselves, and that the straitjacket of 'group-think' is a bigger sell out. Chavez has is in favor of strong measures on illegal immigration and written in favor of a guest worker program as proposed by George W. Bush.

However her stance as a conservative Roman Catholic is also relatively new. Her husband is Jewish and their children were raised in his faith. She also was known as a "pro-choice Catholic" for most of her public life.

FOX News has been engaged in a concerted, ongoing smear campaign against Cynthia McKinney for the past 4 months.