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Lieberman Provides Fox With New Talking Point

Reported by Janie - August 8, 2006 -

During last night's (8/7) "Special Report with Brit Hume", Fox Election Correspondent Carl Cameron filed a last-minute report on the Democratic Senate Primary battle in Connecticut between Joseph Lieberman and Ned Lamont. The report, which was typically one-sided in favor of the candidate Fox supports (in this case, Lieberman), provided Lieberman the chance to give voice to a new talking point, one that sounded scripted by Karl Rove himself - and one that Fox immediately jumped upon.

At the end of the pro-Lieberman segment (in which Cameron shrilly exclaimed "he was their 2000 vice-presidential candidate!), Lieberman ranted, "I do fear that the message that will be taken if I don't win this tomorrow, will be that in the Democratic party there's no room for strong-on-security Democrats, and that's the wrong message."

This message, straight from the Karl Rove School of Dastardly Spin, was the focus of the "All Star Panel" later in the same episode.

Jim Angle (filling in for Brit Hume): "Seems to be a bell-weather for the Iraq war as a national issues, Charles, and where the Democrats may go on national security. Lieberman said today that if he loses, the message will be that Democrats that have a strong position on national security will not be welcome in the Democratic party."

Charles Krauthammer: "I think he's right, and I think it will be a crisis in the party. Look, a Lamont represents not just anti-war leftism, but mindless anti-war leftism. This war in Iraq is going to end, and Americans will be out at one-point and Bush will be gone, which is the fuel of his campaign. But what's going to happen after, we're still going to be in war on terror and Lamont's position is, on Iraq – 'US out, UN in'. That's completely idiotic. You can say US out, but to imagine the UN is going to do anything in Iraq is ridiculous. And on Iran, which is even a larger issue – he says our problem in nuclear negotiations is that we are to involve allies, and we should be offering carrots. We've been offering carrots coming out of our ears, and we've had allies working on this for three years. This is a man that's living on a planet which is incredibly unrealistic and if his party follows this road, it will be on national security issue defensive for decades."

Fortunately, Juan Williams decided to stand up to Krauthammer, "Not true… You have such an overwhelming number of Americans that say the road we're on in Iraq is the wrong road, and don't believe that anything good is coming of it, that it's hard to therefore measure Charles, and say 'Ned Lamont has this idea and Joe Lieberman and Bush have a better idea.' To the contrary, President Bush's idea is stay the course, and we appreciate his resolve, and nobody thinks that getting out is going to do the job, but people are looking for new ideas. I mean, he has a new idea, lets throw it in the pot, let's look at it."

The segment ended with fellow "All Star" Panelist Fred Barnes voicing the same opinion as Krauthammer.

As Lieberman attempts to distance himself from the Bush Administration, it doesn't exactly help his case that he "isn't George Bush" - to use the same rhetoric as the administration and provide the GOP with a soundbyte.

Following comments like these, that not only attack the opponent but the voters in Connecticut as well as the Democratic Party, does it come as any real surprise that Lieberman's campaign is in trouble?