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Hate-Mongers Sean Hannity and Melanie Morgan Appoint Themselves Arbiters Of Anti-Semitism

Reported by Ellen - August 8, 2006 -

It’s been somewhat entertaining watching Sean Hannity and his right-wing cohorts twist themselves into pretzels trying to defend Mel Gibson at the same time that they try to market World War III as a means to protect Israel. Last night (8/7/06) on Hannity & Colmes, Hannity and his fellow hate-monger, Melanie Morgan, neither of whom are Jewish, took it a step further by attacking Cindy Sheehan as anti-Semitic, because she has criticized Israel. But with all that “sensitivity” on behalf of Jews, Hannity insisted that Gibson’s film Passion of the Christ was not anti-Semitic and Morgan changed the subject when asked about it by Alan Colmes.

Hannity started the discussion by reading some statements by Sheehan that have been critical of Israel: My first son born (sic) was killed for lies and for a neocon agenda to benefit Israel; America out of Iraq, Israel out of Palestine. You’ll stop terrorism that way. “You think those statements are anti-Semitic?” Hannity prompted Morgan.

Morgan said she didn’t know if Sheehan, herself, was anti-Semitic “but I can tell you for sure that those comments are anti-Semitic and they’re deeply hurtful and divisive.” To whom? Not me – and I’m Jewish.

Morgan continued, “And the people that she associates with, some of her very closest friends are very much in the anti-Semitic movement. Some of those people are Medea Benjamin, of Code Pink, which is a violent, anarchist group that went and upset and overturned the WTO conference in Seattle. Some of the other people are Jill Stewart (I think Morgan meant Lynne Stewart) a lawyer who obviously passed secret information to a Jihadist… It’s truly tragic.”

Comment: What I find truly tragic is the distortion relied upon by Morgan. For starters, Code Pink is not a violent anarchist group but one dedicated to peace. Founded in 2002, it was not in existence at the time of the WTO conference in Seattle, in 1999. Furthermore, Benjamin specifically said that she disapproved of the tactics of the WTO demonstrators. I could find no indication of anti-Semitism on Benjamin's part. (Comment: As a coincidence, I had dinner Sunday night with a friend involved in Code Pink. I've known her for about eight years and never had the slightest sense that she or any of her friends are anti-Semitic.)

Secondly, Attorney Stewart was not convicted of passing secret information to a Jihadist. Her “crime,” in essence, was in relaying her client’s opinion about a Middle-East cease fire in a press release and for having violated the rules of her representation when she witnessed a law clerk and Arab translator write letters from her client to his supporters. It was a conviction that FOX News’ legal analyst Andrew Napolitano called “a travesty.”

Hannity, conveniently forgetting that less than a week before, his pal Mark Levin had appeared on the show with a “Clinton Happens” hat, complained that “(Sheehan), others on the hard left can call the president a lying, filthy bastard, that’s OK. They can make these references that I don’t think anybody else in the media can get away with. Why does she get a pass?” Apparently, in the Hannity world of fair and balanced, you can say whatever you want about some presidents and others should not be criticized at all.

Morgan made the predictable comment that she thinks “many members of the media are complicit themselves.” Then, out of the kindness of her heart, Morgan added the “helpful advice” that Sheehan and her radical friends were only hurting the peace movement, itself.

Ted Lewis, of Global Exchange, was the other guest and once again Lewis did an excellent job. Lewis told Colmes that criticizing Israel didn’t make one an anti-Semite any more than criticizing Hamas made one anti-Muslim. “What we’re looking at here, unfortunately, is turning these issues into cartoons.” Noting that 800 more Americans have died in Iraq since she started her protest, Lewis said, “More so than Cindy Sheehan, what’s really leading anti-war sentiment in this country is just the common sense of Americans who realize that this war is a disaster.”

Not content to stop there, Lewis confronted Hannity (though it was Colmes’ portion of the interview) on his ridiculous assertions about the recently discovered “WMD’s” in Iraq. “I think it’s important that you stop trying to tell Americans that there were weapons of mass destruction and this sort of thing and level with us about what’s really going on.”

That prompted Hannity to jump in with pointing fingers and his bullyboy voice. “Hey, Ted, 500 cannisters! …You may want to put your liberal head in the sand ‘cause YOU’VE got a political agenda that doesn’t allow YOU to see the truth. But I don’t live my life in such a way. People on your side have played politics with this war from the beginning,” the hypocritical Hannity said. To date, “truthful” Hannity has yet to retract his blatantly prettied-up report about anti-American demonstrations in Iraq last week.

Alan Colmes jumped back in, saying he didn’t want to get off topic, the discussion was supposed to be about Cindy Sheehan, but Colmes quickly noted that the administration, itself, has not claimed that the canisters Hannity was referring to were WMD’s. “And furthermore, our own State Department and Pentagon has said this is not the reason why we went to war. These were not the weapons why we went to war.”

As Colmes spoke, Hannity peevishly talked over him “But they’re found. But they’re found.”

Colmes, who’s Jewish, compared Sheehan with Mel Gibson. Colmes said Gibson’s Passion of the Christ movie blamed Jews for the death of Christ, “which, historically, has been used to fuel anti-Semitism for centuries. It’s quite a difference there than what Cindy Sheehan has said.”

Morgan – so sensitive to anti-Semitism coming from Sheehan, had no comment on Gibson. Instead, she inadvertently revealed that her real interest in Israel is just as likely to be because she perceives that country’s interests as the same as America's. “I have a news flash for Ms. Sheehan and all of her radical, leftist friends. By protecting Israel’s interest, we are protecting American interests. And if she cannot understand that if we turn a blind eye to evil, evil will overtake us and kill us all. And the Jihadists will not care if she is a lapsed Catholic.”

As the segment ended, Hannity pointed his finger in the air and emphatically said, “Mel Gibson’s movie was about the Scribes and Pharisees specifically. It did NOT attack Jews. And that is a false characterization.” So much for Hannity’s ethnic sensitivities. He seemed completely unconcerned that his Jewish partner felt otherwise.

By the way, the Anti-Defamation League agreed with Colmes. To quote from their website: At every single opportunity, Mr. Gibson's film reinforces the notion that the Jewish authorities and the Jewish mob are the ones ultimately responsible for the Crucifixion. The only result of a site-wide search on “Cindy Sheehan” states that she has publicly repudiated the alleged (anti-Israel) comments.

You can view a video of this segment on FOXNews.com. (Click on "more video." if it's not in the archives yet.)