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Diplomacy By Homicide: FOX News’ Colonel David Hunt Says US Should “Line ‘Em Up And Kill ‘Em.”

Reported by Ellen - August 8, 2006 -

Once again, the drums beat for World War III on Hannity & Colmes tonight. According to FOX News military analyst Colonel David Hunt, “We’ve been at this World War III for a long, long time.” When Alan Colmes questioned such “inflamed rhetoric,” Hunt clarified by saying he’s “not talking about all the nations of the world, Al. I’m saying this. This war on terror is a world war… We got a lot more killing of bad guys to do.”

Sean Hannity, who never served in the military, is still salivating over the thought of a widened Middle East conflict – with other people doing the fighting. He’s also still ignoring the disasters of the two wars we’re already in. For example, while Hunt promoted more killing, nobody talked about what happened in Iraq today where there were a series of bombs and the Prime Minister we helped put in office said he was “very angered and pained” by a joint US-Iraqi operation in Sadr City.

Nevertheless, Hannity clamors every night for more war. He asked Hunt, “How naïve is this notion, the New York Times editorial today, that the idea that we can talk to Syria, talk to these terror regimes. Can you talk to Ahmadinejad? Can you talk to an Assad? Can you talk to Osama bin Laden? Can you get anywhere?”

Hunt replied, “I think we can talk to ‘em and line ‘em up and kill ‘em. The only reason to talk to some of these guys is to just do that. However we don’t (have to) wipe out, as we talked off-line, the entire country. We have to directly talk to these guys, find out what they want. If they’re not gonna co-operate, yes, they have to go. But their countries, absolutely, 100%.”

There was no guest with an opposing view.

You can watch the interview on FOXNews.com. Click on "Iran's Endgame" in the Free Video box before it makes the archives.