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Asman Calls Ned Lamont A Flip Flopper

Reported by Donna - August 8, 2006 -

Today on Studio B with David Asman filling in for Shepard Smith he spoke with a guest about Ned Lamont running as an anti war candidate but claimed that Lamont didn't have a plan for getting us out of Iraq.

In fact, Asman said that Lamont had said that he would vote for Kerry's withdrawal plan then said he wouldn't. Asman said this was a clear case of being a flip-flopper.

Comment: When in doubt go back to the tried and true cliches. See, when Fox doesn't like someone they have to label them and flip flopper is one of their favorite labels though the Bush administration has been guilty of flip flopping many times in the past. In fact every politician flip flops - it's called changing your mind. When the circumstances surrounding your decision change or have been found out to be false, it is very wise to be a flip flopper.