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Outrageous Quote of the Week - Week of July 31st

Reported by Janie - August 7, 2006 -

"Dumb and Dumber" (AKA weatherman Steve Doocy and harpy E.D. Hill) won last week's Outrageous Quote by showing their "compassionate conservatism":

HILL: "Great. It's just summer. You have to plan ahead. We've talked about - you know - personal responsibility. You can't help it if you're gonna get - you know - black - if there's a blackout - but you realize that, in the summer ..."

DOOCY: "It's gonna be hot."

HILL: "... it gets hot."

DOOCY: "Right."

HILL: "You're gonna have air conditioning bills. Mine's through the roof (waves hand). It's crazy. But you plan for it."

DOOCY: "By the way, this winter? Cold. Plan on it."

For this week's choice selection, take a look and vote below the fold!

Option A: "The market and America would love to have these people, have this terrible organization, Hezbollah completely eradicated from the planet. It’s good that we have somebody on our side finally doing work that we have been having to do alone almost." - John Layfield on the stock market reaction to the conflict on the Israeli-Lebanese border, "Bulls & Bears", 8/5/06

Option B: "Why can't we use the balance of power in that area where Sunnis are fighting, you know, each other and where you have sectarian violence, that kind of thing? We ought to promote that. Let 'em kill each other." - Wayne Rogers on Middle East violence, "Cashin' In", 8/5/06

Option C: JONATHAN KOENIG, President, CapitalistPig.com: "I mean, the UN is a waste. What has been one accomplishment of the UN? They condemn Israel over self-defense. They legitimize crackpot bastard dictators like Hugo Chavez. They put Syria and Libya on their human rights commission. What is the purpose of the UN other than to waste our taxpayer dollars? I say get rid of the UN. Let Wayne [Rogers], you know, put a condo development up there on the upper east side because, you know, our participation is ultimately hurting American foreign policy rather than helping it."

TERRY KEENAN, FOX News Senior Business Analyst: "And the building's nice and skinny. They say it'd make a nice hotel." - "Cashin' In", 8/5/06

Option D: They "enjoy the suffering of the rich and powerful. They have blood all over their mouths, these vampires!" - Bill O'Reilly referring to those upset over Mel Gibson's anti-Semitic remarks, "The O'Reilly Factor", 8/2/06

Option E: "However they're not going to risk, you know, one Israeli innocent civilian, you know, who's having a missile fired from a building, even if it's full of 30 innocent Lebanese." - Aaron Cohen, former counter-terrorism Commando with the Israeli Defense Force, "Studio B", 8/2/06